She is Three

Another year gone away… Sprout is three!

More Big than Little, every day, it seems. I asked her questions for a fun survey… she didn’t really understand some of the questions, so I gave my best guess at what her answers might be, on some of them. 🙂

  • What is your favorite color? “I like blue.” (But later, she told Daddy it is pink.)
  • What is your favorite animal? “I want a tiger.”
  • Favorite book? Oh! The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss (It is her request just about every night.)
  • Favorite show and movie? Veggie Tales, Finding “Mee-mo”, “Pooh Bear” (Pooh’s Grand Adventure)
  • Favorite song? She said she didn’t know, but she sings “Amazing Grace,” “Twinkle Little Star,” and “Victory in Jesus” a lot.
  • Favorite food, snacks? She said “those holes ones” — a.k.a. veggie straws, but also wants yogurt, clementine oranges, and pasta most of the time.
  • Favorite clothes to wear or outfit? Her Minnie Mouse dress gets the most love, these days.
  • Favorite game? “My matching game” — Minnie Mouse Memory game
  • Favorite toy? She said she didn’t know, but she plays with her Alphie robot almost every day.
  • Favorite thing to do outside? “Hmm… swing. Yeah, I like that!”
  • Favorite place to go? “A big, giant Walmart!”
  • Favorite thing about your room? “Um… the floor!”
  • What is the yuckiest food? “The yucky muffins.” (failed peanut butter oat muffins)
  • What do you like to take to bed with you? “My dolly.” Her brother’s bunny is another favorite.

She Knits: Sprout’s Mittens

Sprout plays outside almost every day. The weather will soon turn cold, and she will need these so she can continue to spend time outdoors.

Progression Info
Started – October 13
Completed – October 15
Duration – 2 days = 0.3 weeks

I would say these took me about 4 hours to knit. A rewarding little project that made for a nice break in Christmas stocking knitting.

Pattern Info
Basic Mitten Pattern by Ann Budd
The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns
Size – 2-4 years

This pattern book was a birthday gift from my mom. And I love it! It gives patterns for various basic items (hat, mittens, sweater, etc.) by gauge. Amazing. These mittens were my first project from the book, and I enjoyed working with this book. It was tricky in some places, learning to interpret the way the instructions are given.

The only mistake I made was not making the thumb long enough. But they do fit well enough, at least for this winter. ☺️

Yarn Info
Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport
Colorway – Dove Heather
0.52 skeins = 71.1 yds used

Do you recognize this yarn? It was leftover from my Decimal Cardigan and Autumn Mittens. Sprout and I will match in our woolen warmth this winter.



She Sews: Sprout’s Big Girl Backpack

I looked for a small toddler/preschooler backpack a few months ago, but was disappointed at the selection in stores. Everything had cartoon characters plastered all over the front — not really our style. I found a tutorial for a simple drawstring bag, added straps and a ring for hanging, and ta-dah! a toddler backpack.

Started – June 28
Completed – June 29
Duration – 1 day = 0.1 weeks

I could have finished this in 2-3 hours, if I hadn’t made some mistakes on the straps at the beginning. It definitely would take closer to the 2 hour mark if I were to make it again, now that I know the construction.

Pattern Info
Lined Drawstring Bag by In Color Order

The tutorial was great. I added medium-weight fusible interfacing to the main outer pieces to make them sturdier.

For the hanging ring, I cut a strip of fabric 2.5″ wide by 4.5″ long. Along each long end, I folded in 1/4″ and pressed, then folded the entire strip in half lengthwise and pressed. I top-stitched along both long sides (finished 1″ wide). I put the D-ring on, folded the piece in half, and insert it in the center of one seam where the lining is sewn to the outer accent piece.

For the straps, I cut two strips 2.5″ by 22″. I created the straps as I did the strap for the D-ring. Then, I cut about 6″ from each of those strips. The long strips became the top straps and the short strips, the bottom.

I sewed the top straps to the strap adjusters, folding under the end by 1/4″. Then I finished one end of each of the bottom straps by double-folding 1/4″ and stitching that down.

I placed the top straps alongside the D-ring strap when I sewed that seam. (I went back at the very end and stitch as close to the D-ring as I could, to make it look nicer.) I inserted the bottom straps in the seam where the two outer main pieces are sewn together, 3″ from each edge.

The only other change I made was shortening the pull-strings a little. I trimmed about 3-4″ off each one. I used ribbon and burned the ends so they wouldn’t fray.

If I were to make this again, I would lengthen the top straps by 1-2″ and the bottom straps by 3-4″. It fits my toddler just fine with a T-shirt on, but might not fit under a bulky jacket.

Fabric Info
quilting cotton fat quarters (3)


She is Two

Sprout is two.

She is so big. She doesn’t swing in the baby swing anymore.

she-is-two (2)

She wants to be just like me.

She is my silly,

she-is-two (6)

sweet, Big Girl.

she-is-two (7)

She is just two.

She is so little. The world is full of surprises,

she-is-two (11)

And curiosities.

she-is-two (1)

She still gets strapped in and doesn’t like to be alone.

She looks eagerly ahead. What will next year bring?

she-is-two (10)

She Knits: Confetti CUPcake Socks

Sprout loves my hand-knit socks. I enjoyed knitting this pattern and with this yarn so much (see my Confetti Cake Socks), I toddler-ized it for her. 🙂

Started — August 22
Completed — August 23
Duration — 2 days = 0.3 weeks

The actual knitting did not take long, but I had to do some figuring and ripping/re-knitting to get a good fit.

Pattern Info
Basket Weave Rib Socks by Sarah Ronchetti

Obviously, I adapted this pattern. I used this article from Knitty to determine the ratios for the number of heel stitches, heel flap rows, and gusset stitches based on the number of stitches around the top of the sock for Sprout’s size. If you visit this link, you can see my project notes on Ravelry for more information (even if you are not a member of Ravelry).

These socks fit her perfectly right now. There’s no telling how much longer they will fit, but they were fun to make anyway. 🙂

Yarn Info
Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet 100 Splash
90% merino wool, 10% nylon
0.19 skeins = 73.0 yds used


It’s far too difficult to get a good picture of toddler feet with fun socks on them. So just trust me, they are super-cute on her!

mini-me socks!

mini-me socks!