She Knits: Sprout’s Snowflake Sweater

I knit this little sweater so quickly that I never blogged about it! Oops!

Progression Info
Started – May 7
Completed – May 10
Duration – 3 days = 0.4 weeks

These dates are estimates based on projects I made before and after. I usually start a new project the same or next day after finishing one.

Pattern Info
Snowflake by tincanknits
Size: 1-2 years

Confession time: I have a love affair with tincanknits designs. Seriously. They are beautiful and/or super cute, offered in a complete range of sizes (usually newborn through 4XL), thoroughly detailed, well-priced, and just… well, perfect!

I won a pattern-download-of-choice (with a spending limit) giveaway of sorts for the second time, and chose this pattern to be given. I chose a tincanknits pattern the first time, too, and if I ever win another, I have a whole wish list of TCK patterns I would love, love, love to own someday.

My only disappointment is in the sizing, but it’s not a fault of the pattern. I did measure Sprout, and I did choose the appropriate size in the pattern which was to give about 1.5″ positive (extra) ease. However, I regretfully did not swatch and check my knitting gauge, and I think my gauge was a little too tight. So the sweater turned out a bit snug. She can wear it comfortably over a tank top or camisole style shirt, though, so not all is lost.

Yarn Info
Garnstudio DROPS Cotton Merino
50% cotton, 50% merino wool
Colorways – beige, violet
2.56 skeins = 335 yds used

I am not the brilliant mind behind this pattern and yarn combination. I have a dear friend in Poland who sent me this yarn with the idea that it might make a nice Snowflake for Sprout. She was totally right. This yarn is very soft and lovely to knit.

And I have enough left for a matching hat, either because my friend sent so much or because my gauge on the sweater was so off that I used much less yarn than I should have. 😀 Either way, Sprout will get a matching hat, soon.


I’m so sorry I don’t have better pictures of this, but having finished it so quickly, and with so many Life Things happening around that time (like Nate deciding on a job offer that would require moving, etc.), I didn’t get a very good one.



She Knits: Day Off Socks

I never blogged about these because I was glad to get them off the needles, and wasn’t pleased with how they turned out. I am still not very happy with them, as indicated by the ends I haven’t woven in yet, and the fact I haven’t even washed them yet. But, here they are, at any rate.

Progression Info
Started – March 9
Completed – April 10
Duration – 32 days = 4.2 weeks

The knitting duration on these should tell you how much I liked them. I can usually knit a plain pair of socks in a week, if not less than that.

Pattern Info
Day Off Socks by Jessica Gore

I want to be very clear that my disdain for these socks has nothing to do with the pattern itself. Mostly, I don’t like how the cuff fits — the top edge is really tight. It would not surprise me at all if I broke a stitch putting these on or off one day. That’s my own fault; I should have bound off more loosely or with a stretchier bind-off technique.

I modified the pattern by lengthening the cuff and adding a 4×2 rib to the instep.

Yarn Info
Knit Picks Palette
100% wool
Colorways – finnley heather, victorian
0.96 skeins = 221 yds used

I chose this toe-up sock pattern so that I could use up all of the Victorian colorway (the dusty red color). I was successful, there. I still have some of the gray left, but only enough for sock toes, maybe.


Apologies for the poor quality phone-pictures. I had to dig these socks out of hiding.

She Knits: JB’s Clayoquot Toque

I had enough yarn after knitting JB’s Clayoquot cardigan to knit the matching toque (hat).

Progression Info
Started – September 29
Completed – September 30
Duration – 2 days = 0.3 weeks

OK, this may be a record for me. A two-day knit! And color work, no less.

Pattern Info
Clayoquot Toque by tincanknits
Size – Child

The hat has the same color work design as the yoke of the sweater.

Yarn Info
Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 Sport
100% wool
Colorways – pumpkin spice, blue velvet, natural
0.7 skeins = 114 yds used


She Knits: JB’s Clayoquot

JB needed a sweater for the winter. This will make a great going-to-town cardigan or as a layering piece beneath a heavier coat in the winter.

Progression Info
Started – August 26
Completed – September 20
Duration – 25 days = 3.6 weeks

For a stranded color work sweater with pockets and a steek… I’m very pleased with how quickly I knit this.

Pattern Info
Clayoquot by tincanknits
Size – 1-2 years

Surprise — TCK again. 🙂 I won a pattern-of-choice in a giveaway, and chose this one. I intend to make it for myself when I’ve gotten to my ideal weight. Knitting it now gave me an opportunity to try out the pattern in a smaller size and get a feel for it.

It’s a great pattern. It was my first time knitting pockets, and first time working a steek (it is essentially where a piece is worked continuously and later cut to open it up; that’s how the front opening was made). It was not my first color work, but was the first time I had to use 3 colors in a round (only a few rounds in the entire pattern required this).

I am incredibly pleased with the little pockets. I was able to stitch them down without showing the stitches on the front, and aligned them perfectly.

I am not as pleased with the steek. Or rather, with the button bands and steek covering I managed. It is not as tidy inside as I prefer. Next time I steek, I will use grosgrain ribbon to cover the inside raw edges, instead of trying to stitch down the extra knitted flap to cover it. Ribbon would have been much easier to do and would look nicer.

This would not very a very good first color work project for someone. But, if already experienced with color work, it is a great opportunity to try steeking.

Yarn Info
Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 Sport
100% wool
Colorways – pumpkin spice, blue velvet, natural
2.4 skeins = 393 yds used

I bought this yarn online, and the picture of the “pumpkin spice” colorway looked more orange on my screen. It is actually mostly “spice,” and not much “pumpkin.” I had intended for the blue and orange to be swapped — with the blue as the outer color on all the color work design, and the orange for the bright blips of color in the middles. But since the blue was the brightest color, I switched them. I am not too disappointed with this result.

The yarn is great, and I would use it again. It is fuzzy and grips to itself, but handles frogging and tinking just fine. It is also affordable, and not too scratchy.


She Knits: Cosine Ripple Doll Blanket

I started this to use up the leftover yarn from the “snow set” I made for a new cousin in the family. I did not have nearly enough for it to be a full baby blanket, so I stopped when I ran out of yarn and gave it to Sprout for a baby doll blanket.

Started – February 6
Completed – February 10
Duration – 4 days = 0.6 weeks

Pattern Info
Cosine Ripple Baby Blanket by Sam Godden

This is a great pattern and makes a very pretty design. I intend to keep this in mind for future baby blanket knitting I might do.

Yarn Info
Knit Picks Swish DK
100% superwash merino wool
Colorways – marble heather, green tea heather, white, marine heather
3.02 skeins = 371 yds used

This yarn is really, really lovely in garter stitch. Very soft and squishy. I would love to knit a full baby blanket in this yarn and pattern combination sometime! Plus, there are so many colors to choose from that a good match with the nursery can be made.