She Gardens: First Harvest!

I harvested our first fruits from the garden this year: peppers. I picked 1.3 ounces of jalapenos (on the right in the photo below) and 2.6 ounces of serrano peppers (left). They look very yummy! Now to consider some dishes to use them in this week. 🙂


Final Harvest, 2013

We had a good time getting dirty as we harvested the final crop from our garden: carrots! We did not thin our carrots, so we had some very fat ones and some teeny-tiny ones. In all, we harvested about 5 pounds. We gave nearly a pound of the prettiest to a good friend who cannot grow carrots (a meek offering, but one that was appreciated all the same), and the remaining 4 pounds were put up in 6 pint jars.

I’ll tell you, I had my day planned out yesterday. I thought, surely I could get those carrots canned by lunch and then have time in the afternoon to shop for groceries. Bzzt! wrong-o! I didn’t even get the little suckers cleaned before lunch time and didn’t get them jarred and in the canner until 4 pm! But I know when I pop the seal on one of those jars in a few months, the memory of the toil will fade quickly. (Don’t worry–we didn’t go hungry! I had resources for tomato soup and grilled cheese for supper.)

Harvests This Week
Sunday — 5.01 lbs carrots

This Week  5.01 lbs
This Month (August)  5.01 lbs
This Year  18.02 lbs

Harvest Friday Week 7, 2013

My, oh, my! where has the time gone? I can’t believe another week has flitted away. Well, the sad news is that only tomatoes are left. Mojo pulled up our pepper plants early this week. The good news is that the tomatoes are doing great! We have not gotten a very large harvest yet, but they have been trickling in slowly. Last week, I had accumulated enough to put up one and a half quarts of tomatoes. 🙂 Happy day.

Nate dug up a carrot earlier this week to check on it, and he seemed to think they were still too small. Hm. We aren’t sure what we’ll do about that… don’t want to dig them up too soon, but don’t want to lose what we could get from them if we dig them now. Decisions, decisions.

Harvests This Week
Monday — 1.11 lbs tomatoes
Wednesday — 0.21 lbs tomatoes
Thursday — 0.37 lbs tomatoes
Friday — 0.41 lbs tomatoes

This Week  2.10 lbs
This Month (July)  5.88 lbs
This Year  13.01 lbs

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos for you this week. I was picking tomatoes on my way inside from walking the dog, always forgetting the camera, and then eating the ‘matoes before I could get a shot of them. You can expect a similar harvest next week–that’s my expectation based on the green beauties hanging on the plants. 🙂 I’ll try to remember the camera!

Harvest Friday Week 6, 2013

Nate tilled the beans, squash, and broccoli under late this week. The corn is gone (thanks to a certain furry someone). The tomatoes are producing now, and I am harvesting a few every day. I will have to start canning them soon. 🙂 The peppers are all putting on new buds of flowers, so will be harvesting them for a while yet. We haven’t checked the carrots recently, but I hope to do that soon.

Early this week, I canned green beans! We  received 2 nearly full 5-gallon buckets of beans from Nate’s boss. I canned 14 quarts on Saturday, 7 quarts on Sunday, and 5 quarts on Monday. There is about 1/2 quart in the fridge that needs to be blanched and frozen. On Monday, I also canned 1 and 1/2 pints of pickled banana peppers (basic pickling liquid of 3 parts water to 1 part cider vinegar with 1/2 tsp per pint of peppers). My pantry looks so pretty with its new stock. 🙂

It doesn’t look like I’ll be canning any pickles this year, unless we get cucumbers from someone else. But that is fine by me, as we still have about 2 dozen quarts (half whole, half sliced) of pickles from two years ago!

Harvests This Week
Sunday — 0.07 lbs banana peppers; 0.34 lbs squash; 0.04 lbs beans
Monday — 1.25 lbs tomatoes
Tuesday — 0.48 lbs tomatoes
Wednesday — 0.69 lbs tomatoes; 0.01 lbs cayenne
Thursday — 1.02 lbs tomatoes; 0.01 lbs banana pepper
Friday — 0.32 lbs tomatoes

This Week  4.23 lbs
This Month (July)  3.78 lbs
This Year  10.91 lbs

Photos  click to see larger versions

Harvest Monthly Summary – June

This monthly summary is coming right after a weekly post, but I did squeeze in a harvest on the last day of June. First, some of my favorite harvest photos from this month:

Monthly Harvest Total  4.33 lbs
beans  0.80 lbs
broccoli  0.34 lbs
cucumber  1.47 lbs
pepper, banana  0.33 lbs
pepper, bell  0.23 lbs
pepper, cayenne  0.08 lbs
squash  0.81 lbs
tomato  0.27 lbs

We have thoroughly enjoyed harvesting this month and are looking forward to July. We expect lots of juicy tomatoes, more peppers, and carrots!