She Knits: Presley’s Rainbow Fish

A rainbow hat for a “rainbow baby” is all well and good — but it being a winter item, I thought Presley could use a rainbow something for her earliest days. A fish just seemed to suit.

Progression Info
Started – February 20
Completed – February 21
Duration – 1 day

Pattern Info
Knit Fish by Kathy Lewinski

This pattern was interesting. It is sufficient — obviously, I have a fish, after all! But I found it lacking somewhat in direction. The pattern is not clear regarding how the tail should be sewn up or how, exactly, to pick up stitches for the fins on an already-stuffed fish! I figured out a way, but I’m not sure if there was an easier one I missed. I ended up leaving the tail open. I seamed along the place where the body and tail meet.

I made the stripes even by counting the total number of rows and dividing by the number of colors. I was able to get 13 rounds of each color besides green, in the main body. I used purple for the tail and fins.

Yarn Info
Arctic Yarns Merino Sock
75% superwash wool, 25% nylon
Colorway – rainbow mini skeins
0.23 skeins = 106.5 yds used

still have some of these rainbow colors left. Ha! I have less than a gram of red or purple, but about 11 grams between the orange, yellow, blue, and indigo. I’m still pondering what to do with the rest.



She Knits: Presley’s Rainbow Hat

My dear friend is due the same day as me… also with her third… also a girl. 🙂 She miscarried a baby last year, so this one is her “rainbow baby” (a successful pregnancy after a loss). I wanted to commemorate this by knitting something in rainbow colors.

This is my first gift knit of the year!

Progression Info
Started – February 15
Completed – February 19
Duration – 4 days

Pattern Info
Basic Hat Pattern by Ann Budd
The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns (Amazon)

I used the “6-18 month” size for this hat so that it would fit next winter. I modified the pattern significantly to knit it top-down instead of bottom-up. I simply cast on the final number of stitches and worked the pattern backward, substituting a kfb increase for every k2tog decrease. I also lengthened the crown shaping by working an extra row between increase rows. If the pattern said no plain knit rounds, I knit one; if it said 1, I knit 2. I also worked the main body a bit longer, about 5.5″ between the crown shaping and the ribbing (I have found Budd’s basic hat to be too shallow). I knit 12 rounds of ribbing (about 1.25″), and bound off with JSSBO.

I used the slip stitch method of creating jogless stripes (slip the first stitch of the second round of each color), and I’m very happy with how that “seam” looks in the hat.

I’m happy with the final outcome and hope it fits well next winter. 🙂

Yarn Info
Arctic Yarns Merino Sock
75% superwash wool, 25% nylon
Colorway – rainbow mini skeins (7 colors)
0.29 skeins = 134.2 yds used

I won a set of 7 mini skeins (10 grams each) in rainbow colors in a knit-a-long a couple of years ago. I am not much of a rainbow person, and with such a small amount (just 70 grams, compared to the usual 100 grams used in a pair of women’s size socks), I didn’t know what to do with it. It languished in my craft storage, nagging at me to find a use for it. Well, I did! I’m happy I saved it so long because this was a great project for it.

I already used some of the green in my Frasier Fir Socks, which is why that stripe is so small. But my friend thought the hat would look better with a small stripe of green than with no green at all.



these colors are difficult to photograph — especially the blue/purple ones!

She Crochets: Bouncy Ball Blanket

I made this as a baby gift for my sister’s friend, to accompany the Yoda lovey.

Progression Info
Started – July 12
Completed – July 19
Duration – 7 days = 1 week

I was surprised how quickly this came together. I worked on it the week we were moving out of our old house. I finished the seaming the night we “camped out” in our old house, after the movers had taken all our furniture. A nice and interesting memory connected to this present.

Pattern Info
Bouncy Ball Baby Blanket by Debbie Smith

This is a great pattern. It can be knit in such a variety of colors to produce all kinds of fun, unique looks. I used colors from the Yoda lovey (brown, green, cream), plus some burgandy and gray.

Yarn Info
Red Heart Super Saver Heather & Solids
100% acrylic
Colorways – gray heather, burgandy, aran, coffee, medium thyme
3.02 skeins = 1,100 yds used

Once again, this is an estimate of the yarn I used.


She Crochets: Yoda Lovey

My sister sent me this pattern and asked me to make it for her friend’s new baby. My sister doesn’t ask for much, and the friend adores every. single. thing I make, so of course, I was happy to oblige. 🙂 Said friend is a Star Wars lover.

Progression Info
Started – July 4
Completed – July 9
Duration – 5 days = 0.7 weeks

These little “lovey” blankets are so quick to crochet.

Pattern Info
Little Yoda Baby Blanket by Alu ka

My only modification was that I did not use a single crochet border. I did a reverse single crochet (aka crab stitch) border, which I think looks much more polished. I love crab stitch for blanket edgings, especially for boy-ish things.

Yarn Info
Red Heart Super Saver Solids
100% acrylic
Colorways – aran, medium thyme, coffee
0.69 skeins = 250 yds used

This is the perfect project for this yarn. It can be machine washed when baby inevitably spits up on it, and it will look good as new for years and years and years…

The yardage estimate is a complete guess. I have a lot of this yarn and generally make small things like this without measuring what I’ve used.


She Knits: Soli Deo Gloria Shawl

This is a beaded shawl I knit for my sister-in-law’s birthday. I believe she is the sort of person to wear something like this. Also, she is likely familiar with blocking, or at least, it won’t be completely foreign to her. I hope she enjoys this because I certainly had fun knitting it!

Progression Info
Started – January 11
Completed – April 11
Duration – 90 days = 12.9 weeks

This SIL has a birthday in July, but counting potential mailing time, I gave myself an end-of-June deadline. I expected this would take many months, so started it right away when the yarn came in the mail.

I think I could have knit it in a month, if I did not have children. 🙂 I couldn’t knit much on it when they were around because it is a more complicated lace design that I could not easily put aside and pick back up in the middle of a row. So I mostly knit on it during nap times and after their bedtime. But even still, I finished it surprisingly fast. Some say I am a fast knitter, and after this project, I finally started to believe them!

Pattern Info
Soli Deo Gloria Lace Shawl by Anna Victoria

This is a wonderful shawl design. I found it difficult in that I could not see a rhyme or reason to the lace. Each right side row required my full attention. I made several mistakes in the beginning (trying to knit it with kids around), which were difficult to correct.

The entire shawl is designed to be beaded. I didn’t want to bead the whole thing, though, so I only used beads on the last 2 charts (near the bottom edge). I ended up using roughly 30 grams of Miyuki 6/0 seed beads. I used crystal beads that are lined with pewter inside. I love how they look against the red yarn. I put them on with a small steel crochet hook. It was tedious, but enjoyable to me.

The knitting actually became easier at the point I started beading because the beads made it really easy to “read” my knitting. I made fewer mistakes at that point, so I don’t think the beading slowed me down at all.

Yarn Info
Cascade Yarns 220 Fingering
100% wool
Colorway: burgundy
2 skeins = 546.8 yds used

I used about every inch of this yarn; only a  tiny ball left. I like it — it is comparable, in my opinion, to the Knit Picks Palette I frequently use. It is a light fingering weight, which is thicker than I have ever used for lace shawls (I have only used lace weight).