A Year of Crafting: 2015

Here we go again. ūüôā

1.¬†Julius’ Blanket¬†(knit)
Started: November 25, 2014
Completed: January 20
Duration: 57 days = 8.1 weeks
Yarn: 75% cotton, 25% acrylic; 872.0 yards
This was a gift.

2.¬†Kori’s Hexa-ghan¬†(knit)
Started: October 2, 2014
Completed: January 26
Duration: 117 days = 16.7 weeks
Yarn: 100% acrylic; 463.1 yards
This was a gift.

This was the first time I knit a blanket bigger than baby size.

3. Wine Blossoms Shawl (knit)
Started: January 26
Completed: April 3
Duration: 68 days = 9.7 weeks
Yarn: 70% merino wool, 30% silk; 387.2 yards
This was a gift.

This was my first time working with yarn containing silk.

4. Carseat Strap Covers (sewing)
Started: April 8
Completed: April 9
Duration: 2 days = 0.3 weeks
I designed this.

5. Slippers for Mom (crochet)
Started: April 4
Completed: April 13
Duration: 10 days = 1.4 weeks
Yarn: 100% acrylic; 153.7 yards
This was a gift.

6. Walnut Hill Quilt (quilting)
Started: February 4, 2013
Completed: April 21
Duration: 807 days = 115.3 weeks = 2.2 years (Wow!)
I designed this.

My second quilt. I was very, very pleased with this project. I hope my next quilt doesn’t take as long!

7. Interchangeable Cords Case (sewing)
Started: April 27
Completed: April 27
Duration: 1 day = 0.1 weeks
I designed this.

8. Toddler T-shirt (sewing)
Started: May 7
Completed: May 7
Duration: 1 day = 0.1 weeks
I designed this.

This was my first sewn article of clothing and also my first experience drafting a pattern from existing clothing. It turned out OK, but I would love to experiment more with this approach to sewing clothes.

9. Summery Floral Romper (sewing)
Started: May 10
Completed: May 10
Duration: 1 day = 0.1 weeks

My first experience with snaps.

10. Floral Romper, Take 2 (sewing)
Started: May 11
Completed: May 11
Duration: 1 day = 0.1 weeks

11. Footed Newborn Pants (sewing)
Started: June 2
Completed: June 2
Duration: 1 day = 0.1 weeks

This is the first item made for Jelly Bean. ūüôā

12. Rose Psalm (cross-stitch)
Started: May 27
Completed: June 7
Duration: 12 days = 1.7 weeks

13. Sprout’s 2015 Sweater¬†(knit)
Started: January 28
Completed: May 13
Duration: 106 days = 15.1 weeks
Yarn: 100% wool; 313.7 yards

First color work project. I would like to do more in the future, especially now that I have a yarn guide for color work.

14. Velocity Socks (knit)
Started: May 13
Completed: July 2
Duration: 51 days = 7.3 weeks
Yarn: 100% wool; 323.4 yards

15.¬†Jelly Bean’s 2015 Vest¬†(knit)
Started: July 3
Completed: July 7
Duration: 5 days = 0.7 weeks
Yarn: 100% wool; 100.0 yards

First use of the alternate cable cast-on. Also first time working in garter ribbing.

16. Toddler’s Wallet¬†(stitching)
Started: July 12
Completed: July 13
Duration: 2 day = 0.3 weeks
I designed this.

17. Jelly Bean’s 2015 Hat¬†(knit)
Started: July 7
Completed: July 15
Duration: 9 days = 1.3 weeks
Yarn: 100% wool; 53.4 yards

18. Sprout’s 2015 Hat¬†(knit)
Started: July 16
Completed: July 16
Duration: 1 day = 0.1 weeks
Yarn: 100% wool; 82.2 yards

First time working knitted smocked stitch. I would like to try working this stitch in a finer gauge, maybe on the chest of a sweater.

19. Paper Moon Socks (knit)
Started: July 18
Completed: August 6
Duration: 20 days = 2.9 weeks
Yarn: 100% wool; 272.6 yards

20.¬†Johanna’s Stocking (knit)
Started: August 6
Completed: August 10
Duration: 5 days = 0.7 weeks
Yarn: 100% acrylic; 180.9 yards
This was a gift.

21. Scrap-Busting Baby Toy Ball (knit)
Started: August 11
Completed: August 11
Duration: 1 day = 0.1 weeks
Yarn: 75% wool, 25% nylon; 69.3 yards

22. Baby Brother’s Bunny¬†(knit)
Started: August 12
Completed: August 13
Duration: 2 days = 0.3 weeks
Yarn: 100% wool; 73.9 yards

23.¬†Big Sister’s Girl Bunny¬†(knit)
Started: August 13
Completed: August 14
Duration: 2 days = 0.3 weeks
Yarn: 98% acrylic, 3% metallic; 112.0 yards
Yarn: 100% cotton; 3.5 yards

24. Confetti Cake Socks (knit)
Started: August 16
Completed: August 22
Duration: 7 days = 1 week
Yarn: 90% wool, 10% nylon; 261.1 yards

25. Confetti CUPcake Socks (knit)
Started: August 22
Completed: August 23
Duration: 2 days = 0.3 weeks
Yarn: 90% wool, 10% nylon; 73.0 yards
I designed this.

26. Reversible Stripes Scarf (knit)
Started: September 3
Completed: September 19
Duration: 17 days = 2.4 weeks
Yarn: 100% alpaca; 211.4 yards

First time using alpaca. Very soft and fluffy.

27. Baby Tag Quilt (quilting)
Started: December 15
Completed: December 16
Duration: 2 days = 0.3 weeks
This was a gift.
I designed this.

28. Gift for New Mom (sewing)
Started: December 16
Completed: December 16
Duration: 1 day = 0.1 weeks
This was a gift.

29. Gift for Sister (sewing)
Started: December 21
Completed: December 21
Duration: 1 day = 0.1 weeks
This was a gift.

Project Totals
Projects: 29
Crocheted: 1 (3%)
Embroidered: 0 (0%)
Knitted: 16 (55%)
Sewn: 8 (28%)
Stitched: 2 (7%)
Quilted: 2 (7%)

Gifted: 8 (28%)
Designed: 7 (24%)

I made 10 more projects than last year; I accomplished more sewing. I am most proud of (finally!) completing my Walnut Hill Quilt.

Yarn Totals
Total Yardage: 4,006.4 yards (That’s 2.27¬†miles!)
Acrylic: 1,125.5 (28%)
Alpaca: 211.4 (5%)
Cotton: 657.5 (16%)
Nylon: 50.7 (1%)
Other: 3.4 (0%)
Silk: 116.2 (3%)
Wool: 1,842.9 (46%)

I used more yarn this year due to knitting more. I knit with two new fibers this year — alpaca and silk. Both were pleasant. ūüôā Also, natural fibers dominated my yarn crafts this year — 70% versus only 25% last year. I learned this year that I prefer working with wool and wool blends over acrylic. Although, some projects require the durability and wash-ability of a synthetic fiber.


She Crochets: Slippers for Mom

My mom asked me for slippers ages ago. And I finally found a pattern I liked that I thought she might wear. I think these turned out very nice. ūüôā

Started – April 4
Completed – April 13

Pattern Info
Women’s Button Strap Slippers by Bethany Dearden

This pattern is interesting because it has a double sole, which provides more padding and support. I worried that on a hard floor, the crochet would be uncomfortable to walk on, but I tried them on and was wrong about that. They were just as comfortable on hard floor as carpet.

Yarn Info
Red Heart Super Saver Solids
100% acrylic
aran: 0.05 skeins = 37.2 yards used
coffee: 0.32 skeins = 116.5 yards used

Sorry for the poor quality. I took these with my cell phone, and then mailed off the slippers without taking better ones!

A Year of Crafting: 2014

Another year has come and gone. I have not completed as many projects this year, but enjoyed them all. ūüôā

1.¬†Sprout’s Cardigan¬†(knit)
Started: December 30, 2013
Completed: January 2
Duration: 3 days
Yarn: 55% nylon, 45% acrylic; 300.7 yards
Sprout has worn this sweater many times this year.

2.¬†Sprout’s Matching Hat¬†(knit)
Started: January 3
Completed: January 3
Duration: <1 day
Yarn: 55% nylon, 45% acrylic; 143.2 yards
This is the only hat Sprout has that fits her, so she wears it often!

3. Forest Scene (embroidery)
Started: January 15
Completed: February 18
Duration: 34 days
I designed this.
I enjoyed working with some different embroidery stitches and coloring techniques in this project.

4.¬†Sprout’s Rainbow Ripple¬†(crochet)
Started: February 18
Completed: February 28
Duration: 10 days
Yarn: 75% acrylic, 22% acetate, 2% nylon; 512.2 yards
I was surprised how quickly I crocheted this.

5. DIY Baby Wrap (sewing)
Started: January 1
Completed: May 6
Duration: 125 days
This wrap was invaluable to me in the first few months of Sprout’s life.

6. DIY Nursing Cover (sewing)
Started: May 8
Completed: May 8
Duration: <1 day
I designed this.
I did not use this cover very much, but it was a sort of security blanket just to know I had it with me when we were out.

7.¬†Emma’s Hippo¬†(knit)
Started: June 3
Completed: June 6
Duration: 3 days
Yarn: 100% cotton; 117.6 yards
This was a gift.

8.¬†Emma’s Starghan¬†(knit)
Started: June 8
Completed: July 30
Duration: 22 days
Yarn: 75% acrylic, 22% acetate, 2% nylon; 384.1 yards
This was a gift.

9.¬†Griffin’s Stocking¬†(knit)
Started: August 8
Completed: August 17
Duration: 9 days
Yarn: 100% acrylic; 202.9 yards
This was a gift.
I designed this.
This (and the following 3) stockings were my big goal for this year. I promised these to someone too long ago, and I am so glad I finally made them. They were not as difficult as I imagined, and I even wrote up a nice pattern for them.

10.¬†Grace’s Stocking¬†(knit)
Started: August 18
Completed: August 26
Duration: 8 days
Yarn: 100% acrylic; 202.9 yards
This was a gift.
I designed this.

Started: August 24
Completed: August 27
Duration: 3 days
Yarn: 100% acrylic; 202.9 yards
This was a gift.
I designed this.

Started: August 27
Completed: September 17
Duration: 21 days
Yarn: 100% acrylic; 202.9 yards
This was a gift.
I designed this.

13. Branches Socks (knit)
Started: March 18
Completed: October 1
Duration: 197 days
Yarn: 100% wool; 378.8 yards
I am a little embarrassed at the time I required to knit these, but I had a great distraction. ūüôā

14. Baby Socks #1 (knit)
Started: November 15
Completed: November 16
Duration: 1 day
Yarn: 100% wool; 55.4 yards

15. Baby Socks #2 (knit)
Started: November 16
Completed: November 16
Duration: <1 day
Yarn: 100% wool, 18.5 yards; 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, 46.2 yards

16. Fingerless Mitts for Mom (knit)
Started: November 25
Completed: December 1
Duration: 6 days
Yarn: 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon; 161.7 yards
This was a gift.

17. Zippered Needle Pouch (sewing)
Started: December 10
Completed: December 10
Duration: <1 day
This was a gift.
I designed this.

18. Soft Book for Sprout (sewing)
Started: December 18
Completed: December 22
Duration: 4 days
I designed this.

19. Lined Zippered Pouch for Me (sewing)
Started: December 23
Completed: December 23
Duration: <1 day
I designed this.

Project Totals (Excel is a fabulous thing!)
Projects: 19
Crocheted: 1 (5%)
Embroidered: 1 (5%)
Knitted: 12 (63%)
Sewn: 5 (26%)
Gifted: 8 (42%)
Designed: 9 (47%)

I designed more of my own projects this year, and I also accomplished more sewing. I am most proud of the stockings I knit, for which I designed this pattern.

Yarn Totals
Total Yardage: 2,921 yards (that’s 1.66 miles of yarn!)
Acrylic: 1,683.6 yards (58%)
Cotton: 117.6 yards (4%)
Nylon: 302.5 yards (10%)
Other: 197.2 yards (7%)
Wool: 620.2 yards (21%)

I used less than half the yards of yarn as I used last year (probably due to the added sewing projects that don’t use yarn).

She Crochets: Sprout’s Rainbow Ripple

I hadn’t intended on making a baby blanket for Sprout because I had knit so many clothes for her already. But when a friend’s mom gave me this yarn in rainbow pastels, I changed my mind.

Started: February 18
Completed: February 28
Days to Completion: 10

These dates are estimates. I started this on a whim one afternoon soon after the baby shower and didn’t take notes about it right after I finished like normal.

Pattern Info
Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young

I had this pattern in my “Favorites” on Ravelry for a long time. It is easy to remember, which makes it faster to work.

I could have worked another repeat of pink and yellow, but would have run out of green and blue if I tried to repeat those again. It finished about 36″ across, which is small for a baby blanket. The smaller size, I think, will make it a nice blanket to keep in the car.

Yarn Info
Bernat Baby Coordinates (discontinued)
75% acrylic, 22% acetate, 2% nylon
Baby Pink, 0.06 skeins
Soft Blue, 0.45 skeins
Lemon Custard, 0.2 skeins
Iced Mint, 0.26 skeins
White, 0.35 skeins

This yarn has been discontinued, and that doesn’t really disappoint me. I don’t know that I’d ever buy it after having worked with it once. It is loosely plied with a very loose twist and a single ply of a shiny material (maybe the acetate portion), which yields its characteristic look. However, it is difficult to crochet with, as the plies tend to get caught on the hook. The finished fabric looks nice, though.

I can’t give the yardage amounts here because the labels do not specify yardage, only weight.


She Crochets: Amy’s Blanket

I really love how this gift turned out. I think the colors are perfect for the recipient, and I really hope she likes it. ūüôā

Started — May 25
Completed — November 7

Pattern Info:
Heirloom Afghan by Darla Sims
Leisure Arts #555, 63 Easy-to-Crochet Pattern Stitches

Many of you may recognize this pattern as the one I used for Mom’s Blanket. This time, I wanted a decently sized lap afghan, so I only worked 35 of the 63 pattern squares. I cherry-picked the 35 based on (1) how solid the block finished (minimizing lace blocks) and (2) how easy I remembered the stitch pattern to be. I chose 11 squares to be off-white, and 12 each to be strawberry and burgundy.

In the end, I worked the last burgundy square in off-white because I did not have enough burgundy to make it. Besides making fewer squares for a smaller blanket, my only other modification was to work only one round of the border. I ran out of off-white and did not want to purchase an entire skein for just one round. The blanket finished at about 42″ by 62″ (3.5 ft by 5 ft).

Yarn Info:
Caron Simply Soft
100% acrylic
Strawberry, 1.94 skeins = 611.1 yds used
Off-White, 2.96 skeins = 932.4 yds used
Burgundy, 1.96 skeins = 617.4 yds used
Total, 6.86 skeins = 2,160.9 yds used

This is the same yarn I used for my mom’s blanket. I like this yarn because of its sheen, softness, bright colors, and stitch definition. I¬†don’t like this yarn because the slippery nature makes the ends/tails difficult to weave in securely. I really like this particular pattern worked in this yarn–I think the shine of the yarn gives the pattern a modernity it otherwise lacks.