My best tip for being a successful homemaker:

Treat homemaking as your career, not your chore.

Alter your perspective to view homemaking through this lens. It makes a world of difference, doesn’t it?

  • Your home is your workplace: keep it organized and free of clutter.
  • Your time is valuable: be efficient.
  • Grow your skill set: read and study about cleaning, cooking, meal planning, and budgeting.
  • Prioritize your career over your hobbies and other interests.

home, n. [hohm]: the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered

make, v. [meyk]: to put in the proper condition or state, as for use; fix; prepare

(from dictionary.reference.com)

A place is prepared for the family’s affections: this is to “make home.” A space is created and maintained in order to harbor fondness, attachment, and warmth.

Homemaking is a serious career. But here’s a little secret: homemaking is not about the stuff. The cleanliness of the stuff is not important. The tidiness or organization of the stuff is not the big idea. The rigidity of the meal plan or budget is not the reason to make home.

Make home because of the people. Make home because of the memories. Make home because of the shared love and time and energy of family. The stuff can help or hinder. Use the stuff efficiently, wisely, graciously, mercifully, and with great thanks to the advantage and betterment of the people.

The supper meal is the stuff. The people are the ones gathered around it, making memories. They may not remember the meatballs or whether the Parmesan cheese was forgotten this time, but they will remember your laughter, his awkward mispronunciation, the way she slurps spaghetti.

Your meal plan, budgeting, shopping, cooking, and scheduling will bring them to the clean table.

That is making home.

Here is an easy-access list to my posts about homemaking:

Cleaning Series
Meal Planning Series

4 thoughts on “Homemaking

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  2. Victoria, this blog post is very compelling. I enjoy that you have stated so well, and without being verbose, the truth of homemaking. I have to say that I am convicted mightily by this, and so it is exactly why the Lord led me here today! I find myself looking at housework as such a burden, when actually it is a great gift and can really be a pleasure when I have my mind and heart in the right place.
    I found you blog through Ravelry (I joined a Christian knitting group) and I just want to thank you so much Victoria. Living the life of a Christian is made easier when there are others who share our walk and help us to stay the course (or refocus!).
    God bless you and yours, in Christ,

    • Cynthia, I am so sorry I just now saw this notification. It seems the WordPress app is not working quite right. Your words are very kind and encouraging to me. The homemaker’s life can often be lonely and challenging in a unique way. I am glad you found some help in what I have written. God bless!


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