WIP Wednesday: International Knits

I haven’t posted one of these in a long time. Here is what I’m working on…

First is this pink linen blouse I started in the middle of November. The pattern is called Asagi by Bristol Ivy. I’m using a lovely rose pink linen Polish yarn a friend sent me. It looks scruffy on the needles, but the stitches should even out in the first wash.

I have what feels like miles and miles of stockinette to go. That’s why I also started…

… this vest for the new baby, Squirt. It is called Sigga by Sanne Bjerregaard, a Danish designer. I recently discovered her and love so many of her designs. It features an all-over mock-cable ribbing. The “cabling” is resembles bubbles, to me. So I’m hoping to find some cute turtle or fish buttons for the front. The buttons are only decorative, so can be cutesy and won’t make trouble fitting through a buttonhole!

I’m using the blue yarn left from the Garland Socks I knit. It is very soft and wonderful to work. With the leftover gray, I might make an accompanying hat using the mock-cable rib. Squirt will have something nice to wear next fall/winter.

Those are the knits I’ve been working on lately.


WIP Wednesday: Knits & Hibernating Stitching

I have been on a knitting kick. It is something I can do with the kids around, which means I have much more time for it. On my needles right now, I have…

… a Snowflake sweater (pattern by tincanknits) for Sprout. I am knitting it out of a cotton-wool blend my Polish pen-pal sent me. Funny story about this pattern. It is not a free pattern. My friend told me she thought the yarn would be enough for it and it would be really cute on Sprout. I agreed but didn’t buy the pattern right away. I was waiting until I was ready to cast on. Last week, just as I was finishing up my previous projects, I won a giveaway for a free pattern download of my choice. 😀 So I didn’t have to buy the pattern after all, but still get to knit it.


… socks, of course. 😉 These are Frasier Fir socks (pattern by Verena Cohrs) for myself. I am on the gusset increasing for the second sock — so about halfway, I’d guess. The pale green yarn is something I received in a swap package, and the dark green I’m using for the cuff is from a mini-skein (about 10 grams each) rainbow set I won in a giveaway.


I’m rocking the freebies on the knitting front, right now. 🙂

I have a cross-stitch WIP, too. It has been languishing for *mumble, mumble* a year… ahem. I am not eager to finish it, obviously, but I do look forward to working on it more soon.

And I have a sewing project on hold as well. It is a pink button-down top that has also been on hold for a year. I think I had all the pieces cut out and maybe even started stitching some of it together.

My goal is to get the cross-stitch and sewn top done by the end of the year. I won’t begin anymore complicated knits (lace shawls, in particular) now that the Portobello is done. I will use my kid-free crafting time to work on the other two projects.

WIP Wednesday: Hexa-ghan

There are two projects I am actively working on right now. The first is an afghan I started in early October for my niece, Kori.



The pattern is aptly named “Hexa-ghan,” as it consists of hexagons knitted together. I am using a very soft acrylic yarn for this. I already had white, so I found a bright teal and darker blue-green to accompany it.

three joins

three joins

One beautiful aspect of this design is that the hexagons are knitted onto each other instead of knit separately and joined together at the end. This allows for easy customization. I’m knitting this blanket from the center out and intend to keep working until I use up all the yarn!

So far, I’ve knit 12 hexagons. In the photo below, the left-most white piece is my center, and I’m working around that. Once I finish this round of hexagons, I’m going to start working to create a more rectangular shape.

2014-10-28_Knit-WIP_kori-hexaghan (7) - Copy (1024x768)

12 down, how many to go?

I’m hoping to remedy the curling edge with a crochet edging or something once I’ve got the size I want. I haven’t made any solid decisions on that yet, though.

The other project that is still not complete is the set of stockings I’ve knit. All of the knitting and applique work is done, but I want to stitch a square of fabric inside the stocking to hide the back of the applique work. I was not careful to run long threads through the knitting or under the applique, so they show inside, and I worry little fingers or goodies will get caught on these threads and rip them or distort the embroidery. This shouldn’t take long to do, I just have to get to it!

WIP Wednesday

I have not done a WIP post in a long time! I have one very old project and one new, exciting project on the needles. I still have not finished the Melisandre socks I started back in, erm, March. The sad thing is they are very nearly done–I think I only lack an inch or two on the leg of the second sock, plus the cuff. I hope to finish them by the end of the year.

However, if I complete my new, exciting project by its fuzzy, self-imposed due date (end of November), then I just might get the socks done soon after.

Speaking of the new, exciting project, here’s a little peek.



This is a pattern I’m designing (and I say that loosely because I don’t have intentions of publishing it or anything), and I’m working out the kinks as I go, so I’m not ready to say too much about it just yet. My hands are nearly buzzing with excitement to work on this, but I can’t now because I snapped one of my needles. I have another set of tips ordered (nickel-plated, this time!), and I am hoping they will get here soon. It’s really cruddy to just get going on a new, exciting project only to have something like this happen that forced you to put it down.

Maybe I should work on those socks while I wait for my new needle  tips to arrive…

WIP Wednesday: Hills, Shells, and Sherbet

As it’s Wednesday and as I’ve got a few projects going now, I thought I’d do a WIP Wednesday post.

First up is the progress on my Walnut Hill Quilt. I have 6 squares completed. Here are the pictures–you’ll have to wait for more details in another post.

squares 1 & 2

squares 1 & 2

squares 3 & 4

squares 3 & 4

squares 5 & 6

squares 5 & 6

I have also made headway on that cross-stitch project from about a decade ago that I recently found. I am currently stitching the water at the top, then will do the back-stitching and be done!



Finally, I have a new project I started yesterday (well, restarted yesterday). It is a baby blanket for my SIL who is due in April. I’ve improvised this simple checkerboard or basket-weave design with a garter stitch border. This stitch pattern makes the blanket fully reversible. The yarn is a sport-weight acrylic I found that is fun and bright and reminds me of rainbow sherbet. I’m holding the yarn double, and the blanket is coming out nicely squish-able, as a baby blanket ought to be. I’ve completed the bottom border and two repeats of the checkerboard design.

sherbet progress

sherbet progress



I’m taking this project this weekend as my traveling WIP. We will be on the road for approximately 26 hours over a 3-day span, so I hope to make good progress on this blanket. I’ve nick-named the project (in my head, at least) Carolyn Sherbet.