She Knits: Squirt’s Vest

This was a fun knit, and I found a new designer to “follow”.

Progression Info
Started – December 8, 2017
Completed – January 10
Duration – 33 days = 4.7 weeks

I put this down for several days at a time.

Pattern Info
Sigga by Sanne Bjerregaard

This is a lovely (free!) pattern by a Danish baby knitwear designer. She has become a new favorite of mine — I want to knit so many of her designs! This one incorporates an interesting ribbing with faux-cabling that looks like little bubbles. It was easy and fun to make.

I knit the 6-9 month size hoping this will fit Squirt next fall and winter. It is very, very stretchy — I think she would outgrow the length before the width!

Yarn Info
Valley Yarns Huntington
75% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon
Colorway – arctic
1.44 skeins = 313.9 yds used

This yarn was left from my Garland Socks. It is a machine-washable sock blend, perfect for baby things.



She Knits: Pennyroyal—esque Mitts

I had yarn left from my Pennyroyal Hat, so I set out to make matching mittens.

Progression Info
Started – November 21
Completed – December 6
Duration – 15 days = 2.1 weeks

Pattern Info
Basic Mitten Pattern by Ann Budd
The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns

I love this book of patterns. It gives instructions for a variety of gauges and sizes. So you choose your stitch gauge (in this case, I had 5 stitches per inch) and the size you want to make (I made woman’s medium), and all the numbers for casting on and increasing/decreasing are all worked out for you! It’s quite handy, really. 🙂

Another bonus is that the patterns are basic with no stitch design in them — which makes them perfect for adding your own! I took the little chevron pattern from the Pennyroyal Hat I made, and added it to the back of the hand of each mitt.

I did run into some trouble. First, for some reason, I ended up with 1 less stitch than I ought to on the hand of the first mitt. I simply omitted a decrease, then mimicked my mistake on the second mitt. No big deal. I knit the entire first mitt, except grafting the top closed, so that if I ran out of yarn, I could go back and shorten it. I did run out of yarn, so had to make topless mitts. But I wasn’t thinking when I finished the first mitt — I had already knit and finished off the thumb! Taking that out to shorten it was somewhat of a pain, but I managed.

I used the tubular cast-on for the first time, to start the mitts. I love how it looks and will use it again. However, when I tried to use the matching tubular bind off at the top of the topless mitt… it didn’t work out so well. It was very fiddly and difficult to do, and did not look nice at all. So I removed that and did a basic stretchy bind off, instead.

Besides making them topless and adding the little chevron eyelet design, I did take Ann’s advice to achieve a tighter cuff by reducing the cast on number by 10%.

Yarn Info
Malabrigo Yarn Rios
100% merino wool
Colorway – purple mystery
0.43 skeins = 90.3 yds used

I had exactly half a skein going into this, so about 105 yards. I was able to get to the middle of the hand decreases on the second mitt before running out. So, only about 20 yards or so shy! These are still comfortable, though. This yarn is incredibly soft and squishy, and the color is beautiful.


WIP Wednesday: International Knits

I haven’t posted one of these in a long time. Here is what I’m working on…

First is this pink linen blouse I started in the middle of November. The pattern is called Asagi by Bristol Ivy. I’m using a lovely rose pink linen Polish yarn a friend sent me. It looks scruffy on the needles, but the stitches should even out in the first wash.

I have what feels like miles and miles of stockinette to go. That’s why I also started…

… this vest for the new baby, Squirt. It is called Sigga by Sanne Bjerregaard, a Danish designer. I recently discovered her and love so many of her designs. It features an all-over mock-cable ribbing. The “cabling” is resembles bubbles, to me. So I’m hoping to find some cute turtle or fish buttons for the front. The buttons are only decorative, so can be cutesy and won’t make trouble fitting through a buttonhole!

I’m using the blue yarn left from the Garland Socks I knit. It is very soft and wonderful to work. With the leftover gray, I might make an accompanying hat using the mock-cable rib. Squirt will have something nice to wear next fall/winter.

Those are the knits I’ve been working on lately.

She Knits: Garland Socks

I have wanted to knit color work socks for a long time. After tackling various other stranded projects (the Clayoquot set for JB, for example), I decided it was time to try socks.

Progression Info
Started – October 2
Completed – November 14
Duration – 43 days = 6.1 weeks

Pattern Info
Garland Socks by Lesley Melliship

I had this pattern in my favorites for a long time. I made a few modifications.

I knit one plain round before starting the ribbing I like how the edge looks even done this way. I knit 1×1 twisted rib instead of the 2×2 plain ribbing instructed. I made the toe more rounded by doing the first 20 decreases as described, but then the last 10 by decreasing every round.

The second sock accidentally finished bigger than the first. I think I just knit the foot more loosely the second time. I was more comfortable with the pattern and working with two colors by that point. The socks don’t have a snug fit anyway and will be cozy cuddle-up-by-the-fire socks, so I’m not worried enough about the difference to fix it.

Yarn Info
Valley Yarns Huntington
75% merino wool, 25% nylon
Colorways – light grey heather, arctic
1.74 skeins = 379.32 yds used

These colors do not have as high of contrast as is usually found in stranded color work. I did this on purpose, for two reasons. First, lower contrast between the colors hides mistakes. Second, I am not one to wear very bright colors or patterns, and low contrast makes a more subtle color work design.


She Knits: Sprout’s Snowflake Sweater

I knit this little sweater so quickly that I never blogged about it! Oops!

Progression Info
Started – May 7
Completed – May 10
Duration – 3 days = 0.4 weeks

These dates are estimates based on projects I made before and after. I usually start a new project the same or next day after finishing one.

Pattern Info
Snowflake by tincanknits
Size: 1-2 years

Confession time: I have a love affair with tincanknits designs. Seriously. They are beautiful and/or super cute, offered in a complete range of sizes (usually newborn through 4XL), thoroughly detailed, well-priced, and just… well, perfect!

I won a pattern-download-of-choice (with a spending limit) giveaway of sorts for the second time, and chose this pattern to be given. I chose a tincanknits pattern the first time, too, and if I ever win another, I have a whole wish list of TCK patterns I would love, love, love to own someday.

My only disappointment is in the sizing, but it’s not a fault of the pattern. I did measure Sprout, and I did choose the appropriate size in the pattern which was to give about 1.5″ positive (extra) ease. However, I regretfully did not swatch and check my knitting gauge, and I think my gauge was a little too tight. So the sweater turned out a bit snug. She can wear it comfortably over a tank top or camisole style shirt, though, so not all is lost.

Yarn Info
Garnstudio DROPS Cotton Merino
50% cotton, 50% merino wool
Colorways – beige, violet
2.56 skeins = 335 yds used

I am not the brilliant mind behind this pattern and yarn combination. I have a dear friend in Poland who sent me this yarn with the idea that it might make a nice Snowflake for Sprout. She was totally right. This yarn is very soft and lovely to knit.

And I have enough left for a matching hat, either because my friend sent so much or because my gauge on the sweater was so off that I used much less yarn than I should have. 😀 Either way, Sprout will get a matching hat, soon.


I’m so sorry I don’t have better pictures of this, but having finished it so quickly, and with so many Life Things happening around that time (like Nate deciding on a job offer that would require moving, etc.), I didn’t get a very good one.