Mom’s Mitts, the Sequel

My mom wore holes in the last pair of fingerless mitts I knit her. So I knit a new pair.


Started – June 24

Completed – July 2

Duration – about 1 week


Blueberry Tea Mitts by Paula McKeever


This is the same pattern I used for her last pair of mitts. I tried to lengthen the fingers upon her request, but I don’t think they are as long as she would like. Next time, I’ll make them even longer. 😉


Cascade Yarns Heritage

75% superwash wool, 25% nylon

Colorway – cerulean

0.38 skeins = 166.1 yds used

This yarn was leftover from the sheepy socks I finished just prior to this. It is very soft, warm, and machine washable. Perfect for my mom!

shiny and new!

old and new


Sheepy Socks

My knitter pen-pal friend in Poland likes wearing funky handknit socks. But she doesn’t like knitting socks. She says they take too long. She also likes to tease about how fast I knit.

I love knitting socks. However, I already have several pairs, so can’t justify the cost of the sock yarn with just the entertainment value of the knitting.

Cue the conversation where she commissioned me to knit her a pair of socks. I thought she was joking at first. But she ordered the yarn and had it sent directly to me. And she chose the pattern. And I got to knit these super fun cute socks I would have never chosen for myself. 😀

She sent me measurements for her feet, but I was still so worried they wouldn’t fit. I waited to blog about them until I got the good news. I’m happy to report they do fit, very nicely!


Started – May 29

Completed – June 24

Duration – about 3.5 weeks


Sheep may safely graze by Caoua Coffee


I knit the larger size and offset the sheep. I swapped the main and contrasting colors on the second sock (per her request).


Cascade Yarns Heritage

75% superwash wool, 25% nylon

Colorway – cerulean

0.4 skeins = 174.8 yds used

Colorway – blood orange

0.43 skeins = 187.9 yds used

Apple Blossoms Cross-Stitch

I bought this kit last year with birthday money and specifically chose it for a certain space on the wall in the little hallway to our bedroom.

I’m really pleased with the final result. Plus, I enjoyed the stitching.

Progression Info

Started – February 28

Completed – May 9

Duration – 10 weeks

I put all other projects on hold in order to make this. My goal was to finish it before our Little Warrior was born. And he waited long enough for me to not only finish the stitching, but get the piece washed and framed and hung!

Pattern Info

Lanarte Appleblossom

design by Marjolein Bastin

I bought this kit with birthday gift money last year. It is different than previous kits I’ve done. It is stitched on 100% linen fabric and is double-count. (? I’m not sure that’s the right term, but each stitch crosses 2 threads instead of 1.)

I’m very, very pleased with the final result. Also, the cross-stitching was a welcomed change of pace from the knitting I’d been doing. My hands like a change of rhythm every so often, so I move between hobbies and enjoy the differences.


Again, lower quality phone pictures must suffice for this one. I framed this only a few days before LW was born!

LW’s Sailing Blanket

I was able to finish this blanket for Little Warrior before he was born.

Progression Info

Started – December 17, 2018

Completed – May 14

Duration – 21 weeks

I put this aside while I worked on a cross-stitch project exclusively for a couple of months.

Pattern Info

Soft Sailing Baby Blanket by Debra Stenmark


I have mixed feelings about this pattern. The overall product is great. I like the various motifs, cable, and lace sections and how they all play together. Once I got things set up and going, it worked up well enough. It’s not a simple pattern. The motifs and cable and lace sections all have a different number of row repeats. So each needs to be tracked and counted separately, which can be confusing. I used an app that allows multiple row counters to be linked to one global counter. Each section counter can be given a row to reset at, which made tracking row numbers much easier. But the pattern probably would overwhelm a very beginning knitter, even though the actual stitching is straightforward.

The pattern is not very clearly written. Or rather, it could have been better. I did figure it out, obviously, but it was not without frustration. Also, the yarn amount given on the pattern is severely less than is truly required. I absolutely can’t see how the designer achieved the size blanket indicated with the yarn amount stated! I saw some warnings in various Ravelry project pages, and did have more than the stated amount of yarn, but still did not have enough to make the full blanket. I had to stop short of the last sailboat motif, which made the blanket about 6″ shorter than it should have been.

Yarn Info

YarnArt BIANCA Lanalux

100% wool

Colorway – blue

3.61 skeins = 947.6 yds used

This yarn was given to me by a friend. It’s okay. While knitting, it had a feel very similar to acrylic. It was quite fuzzy and squeaky on the needles, but did have the familiar elasticity and give of wool. It improved a lot with washing, however. The yarn bloomed just a little and softened. The blanket has a nice weight and drape to it. So I’m content overall, but I don’t think I would choose this yarn in the future.


No pretty pictures with the good camera this time. LW was born just 3 days after I got this washed and blocked, so poorly lit phone pictures must suffice!

Denim Shawl

This is not one of the three projects I brought into the new year from 2018. It was born out of boredom with the two remaining knits I had on the needles after I finished the Speckled Space Socks were completed.

Progression Info
Started – January 16
Completed – January 29
1.9 weeks

Pattern Info
Basic Instincts Shawl by Zhenya Lavy

I chose this pattern because of the yarn, which is a denim blue with a casual feel. I wanted a shawl I could wear as a scarf or cowl very casually with jeans and a T-shirt. This design is lightweight, but not lacy or frilly, which fit into my plans for how it will be worn.

I enjoyed this pattern The main body is done in a faggot stitch and there are garter stitch bands to break it up. I also find the garter bands to provide some structure where the more open stitching wants to stretch considerably. The pattern is not difficult and is easy to memorize. It is worked from one tip toward the center then to the other tip. With the yarn divided in half, it allows great usage of the yarn — simply work the center band when nearing the end of the first ball.

Yarn Info
Hand Dyed Fingering Sock Weight by XrayAnn
50% merino wool, 25% rayon from bamboo, 25% nylon
Colorway – semi solid blue
1.86 skeins = 409.2 yds used

This yarn was the second I received in a holiday swap last December (along with the yarn I used in the Speckled Space Socks). The yarn came already caked in two 50 gram balls, so it was ready to knit right away.

The yarn is soft. I can’t tell how sturdy it will be, but I’m hopeful the nylon helps it hold up well. It definitely has a more casual feel, so fits the overall look of the shawl nicely.