A Little Update

This year has been so crazy, that I’ve missed blogging some projects I have finished. I’m working on those “missing” posts. They will come along in what appears a random order (I’m not going to post-date the actual blog post), and a few may be missing some of the information I usually include. Thankfully, I keep my Ravelry pages updated regularly, so much of the information I need is there.

That’s what’s going on blog-wise. Crafting-wise, I’ve got my attention focused on my Garland socks. I’ve completed the first and intend to finish the second soon, so I can cast on something I really want to knit, which is…

… an Asagi short-sleeve linen top (pattern by Bristol Ivy). Of course, it likely won’t be worn until at least spring time, and Sprout does need a new winter hat for this winter, so I may be self-disciplined and knit the hat first. Happily, preschooler heads are fairly small, yet. 🙂

Motherhood-wise, I’m changing up Sprout’s schooling a bit. I’ve ordered “official” curriculum (maybe I’ll explain why in another post), worked on some more quiet bags, looked into good preschool-age read-aloud novels, and I’m making plans for a more structured start to the school day (like including prayer, Bible verse memory work, and keeping some sort of records). And trying to plan that stuff around JB’s needs and schedule; considering what we can do with him at the table coloring in a book versus what would be better done while he is occupied or asleep. Also, I’m keeping in mind that much of this may (will?) change when this new baby begins having more of an impact on the family outside the womb, next spring…

Life-wise, I’m still growing a baby. 😀 I’m in that not-uncomfortable-but-definitely-feeling-pregnant stage. I know there’s a little person in there, though I’m not feeling him/her much yet. I am reminded whenever I try to stay up late or turn over in bed too quickly… and when I use the bathroom before driving the 20 minutes to town, but need to use it again as soon as I arrive.

Oh, and family-wise, we are enjoying our new house. There is a lot to see and do. Here is the view from our porch.


Peaceful. Beautiful. Windy. Wonderful. I love it. 🙂


JB is TWO!

Every time a child of mine passes their birthday, I wonder… where did the year go? Now that I have two children, I ask myself that same question twice a year. And it seems the year passes twice as quickly, now.

At any rate, THIS young man is two years old today.


I frequently say, he is such a boy. He gets dirty, he is loud (even when he whispers!), and he can be mischievous.


But he is also very sweet, adores his big sister (but his mama even more), and is a smiling, giggling boy most of the time.

He likes to play rough,


help people,

and eat. He really, really likes to eat.

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday…


… and I’m filled with joy to be his mama! Happy birthday, son!

DSC00328 (800x600).jpg


This site has been quiet, I know. It’s not for lack of crafting. I recently crocheted a baby blanket and stuffed toy for a friend’s baby. I started a small throw blanket. And I’ve started and been whizzing through a winter sweater for JB.

But we also have been between homes. We sold our old house at the end of July while in the process of buying a new one. We won’t move in there until this Labor Day weekend, or possibly later if it rains as predicted. Fear not! we have not been homeless, but have been bunking with my very gracious parents-in-law.

I have also been dealing with a molar-teething almost-two-year-old, and for the last few days, a stitched-up three-year-old. (Sprout cut her knee and required six stitches.) Both a bit out of sorts also being in this home transition. Yikes.

Also, I have been toying with the idea of creating a Facebook page and Instagram feed to associate with this blog. I’m still looking into it, but if I make accounts, I’ll be sharing the information here.

And finally, perhaps one of the most important things I’ve been doing the last 2.5 months, is growing a whole new person.  ☺️ Nate and I are expecting a third little addition next spring. The first trimester this time ’round has been a doozy. We aren’t sure of gender yet, and I’m waiting until then to look at baby patterns. But that small throw blanket I mentioned is a baby blanket I started in cream and brown. I got pregnant and my fingers started itching to knit for the new babe. ❤️

So, there are all my reasons and excuses. I hope to share more soon. 🙂

How’s This Girl?

Yes, I am still here. 🙂 Yes, I have been knitting. I haven’t posted projects because I haven’t had many opportunities at the computer. And the times I do have, I’ve spent inputting grocery receipts and answering emails, not blogging.

Also, one recent project is a gift, so that won’t be posted until it is received. And another, I’m not very happy with. I haven’t even woven the ends on that one because I was so ready to be done knitting it. I just shoved it in a bag and put it away. 😀 But  I have a few knitting-related posts coming out soon.

Life is getting busy around here. I am sort of beginning preschool at home with Sprout (I intend to blog about that as we go, but we haven’t really started yet). I am being more intentional in my parenting — not micro-managing, but being diligent, available, and ready to guide. We have a move coming up.

Life is happening, here. 🙂 I hope to share more as we go.

Not making any promises, though. 😉

She is Three

Another year gone away… Sprout is three!

More Big than Little, every day, it seems. I asked her questions for a fun survey… she didn’t really understand some of the questions, so I gave my best guess at what her answers might be, on some of them. 🙂

  • What is your favorite color? “I like blue.” (But later, she told Daddy it is pink.)
  • What is your favorite animal? “I want a tiger.”
  • Favorite book? Oh! The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss (It is her request just about every night.)
  • Favorite show and movie? Veggie Tales, Finding “Mee-mo”, “Pooh Bear” (Pooh’s Grand Adventure)
  • Favorite song? She said she didn’t know, but she sings “Amazing Grace,” “Twinkle Little Star,” and “Victory in Jesus” a lot.
  • Favorite food, snacks? She said “those holes ones” — a.k.a. veggie straws, but also wants yogurt, clementine oranges, and pasta most of the time.
  • Favorite clothes to wear or outfit? Her Minnie Mouse dress gets the most love, these days.
  • Favorite game? “My matching game” — Minnie Mouse Memory game
  • Favorite toy? She said she didn’t know, but she plays with her Alphie robot almost every day.
  • Favorite thing to do outside? “Hmm… swing. Yeah, I like that!”
  • Favorite place to go? “A big, giant Walmart!”
  • Favorite thing about your room? “Um… the floor!”
  • What is the yuckiest food? “The yucky muffins.” (failed peanut butter oat muffins)
  • What do you like to take to bed with you? “My dolly.” Her brother’s bunny is another favorite.