WIP Wednesday: Knits & Hibernating Stitching

I have been on a knitting kick. It is something I can do with the kids around, which means I have much more time for it. On my needles right now, I have…

… a Snowflake sweater (pattern by tincanknits) for Sprout. I am knitting it out of a cotton-wool blend my Polish pen-pal sent me. Funny story about this pattern. It is not a free pattern. My friend told me she thought the yarn would be enough for it and it would be really cute on Sprout. I agreed but didn’t buy the pattern right away. I was waiting until I was ready to cast on. Last week, just as I was finishing up my previous projects, I won a giveaway for a free pattern download of my choice. πŸ˜€ So I didn’t have to buy the pattern after all, but still get to knit it.


… socks, of course. πŸ˜‰ These are Frasier Fir socks (pattern by Verena Cohrs) for myself. I am on the gusset increasing for the second sock — so about halfway, I’d guess. The pale green yarn is something I received in a swap package, and the dark green I’m using for the cuff is from a mini-skein (about 10 grams each) rainbow set I won in a giveaway.


I’m rocking the freebies on the knitting front, right now. πŸ™‚

I have a cross-stitch WIP, too. It has been languishing forΒ *mumble, mumble* a year… ahem. I am not eager to finish it, obviously, but I do look forward to working on it more soon.

And I have a sewing project on hold as well. It is a pink button-down top that has also been on hold for a year. I think I had all the pieces cut out and maybe even started stitching some of it together.

My goal is to get the cross-stitch and sewn top done by the end of the year. I won’t begin anymore complicated knits (lace shawls, in particular) now that the Portobello is done. I will use my kid-free crafting time to work on the other two projects.


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