She Knits: Portobello Shawl

I was sent this yarn and pattern kit in a recent swap I participated in with a group on Ravelry. It came all the way from the U.K. 🙂

Progression Info
Started – April 17
Completed – May 6
Duration – 19 days = 2.7 weeks

I really must be a “fast” knitter… 🙂

Pattern Info
Portobello by Clare Devine

This is different than most lace shawls I have knit. For one, it is mostly garter stitch. And for two, the body is mostly a solid fabric.

The shape is interesting. It is a sort of spiral type of thing, achieved by adding in “wedges” from time to time. The border is lace that was easy to knit.

This would make a great beginner lace pattern. 🙂

I don’t enjoy knitting garter stitch. And this yarn made it more cumbersome, I think. But it obviously wasn’t enough to deter me. I think this would be more enjoyable to knit in a less fuzzy, perhaps even a heavier weight (sport weight, maybe) yarn.

I learned a new bind off with this project: the Icelandic bind off. It is the bind-off called for in the pattern. It is supposed to be a stretchy bind off, but it doesn’t seem so to me. I would have rather used JSSBO, but wasn’t sure about the yarn usage, and was running so low, I didn’t want to chance it.

Yarn Info
Ginger’s Hand Dyed Wensleydale 4ply
100% Wensleydale wool
Colorway: porto (dark green)
2 skeins = 371.8 yds used
Colorway: bello (light green)
1 skein = 186.0 yds used

I used every bit of this yarn. Actually, I had to change colors a little over one row earlier than called for because I ran out of the dark green. I think this pattern and yarn were designed together, so I’m not sure if the designer intended it to be such a close call with the yarn or if my gauge was slightly off (I believe the latter). At any rate, it did make me wonder if I would then used up the light green too soon, since I had started it a row early. And I nearly did! I think I have 1-2 yards left. It worked out in the end, though, and I don’t think the early color change is noticeable.

This is a different wool for me. I have only used Peruvian highland and merino wools before. This Wensleydale seems to have a shorter staple length. The yarn is so fuzzy, it is nearly impossible to separate the plies — the yarn just falls apart. I did manage to do it in order to join the two dark green skeins with a braided join, but it was tedious. I should have joined them by felting (I use the braided join essentially every time). Also, it is not as soft as a merino, but seems comparable in softness to a Peruvian highland wool.



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