A Year of Crafting: 2016

I am not going to individually re-cap all THIRTY-NINE of the projects I finished this year. Instead, I’m going to give the summary I usually do at the bottom plus some commentary, and call that sufficient. 😉

Project Totals

Projects: 39
crochet: 0
cross-stitch: 0
embroidery: 1 (3%)
knit: 19 (49%)
other: 1 (3%)
quilting: 1 (3%)
sewing: 17 (44%)

Gifted: 20 (51%)
Designed: 10 (26%)

I made 10 more projects than the previous year, again. Ha! I stitched, quilted, and crocheted less this year; but I embroidered, knit, and sewed more. In fact, I finished twice the number of sewing projects as last year.

I gifted many, many more projects than last year (2.5 times as many, in fact)! I even designed more. I am proud of the diaper clutch tutorial I published on my pattern website this year. Also, on that website, I received my first feedback through the contact form — a question about the knitted chapstick holder pattern I have there. That was exciting!

Yarn Totals

Total Yardage: 5,397.2 yards (That’s 3.07 miles or 4.94 km!)
acrylic: 755.4 yds (14%)
bamboo: 432.2 yds (8%)
cotton: 959.2 yds (18%)
nylon: 130.2 yds (2%)
other: 268.0 yds (5%)
wool: 2,852.1 yds (53%)

I beat my yardage from last year by almost a whole mile! I knit less acrylic and exotic fibers (alpaca, silk) this year, but more cotton, nylon, and wool. Natural fibers made up even more of my knitting this year — clocking in at 79% (versus 70% last year). Bamboo was a new fiber for me this year. It was interesting, made a pleasant fabric, but was not as easy to use as wool, for example.

It seems crazy to me that I have knit that much yarn in one year, especially with two kids in the house!

Plans for Next Year

I don’t have many plans for the coming year. I suppose it is because I knit so many Christmas gifts that I’m about knit-out. 😉

I do intend to make a few more things more my nephew — another pair (at least) of legwarmers, a hat, booties. It doesn’t get terribly cold where he lives, but cold enough that he needs a few more accessories.

I have one gift in my queue, yarn at the ready, and just need to print the pattern and begin. Obviously, I can’t tell anymore about that.

I want to knit a hat and mittens for JB soon. Hopefully, I will finish in time for any cold weather that comes our way.

And someday, maybe not even next year, I want to start working on an afghan for the house. I have a pattern chosen, but am not ready to buy yarn yet.

Oh, sewing plans… I don’t really have any. I’m sure I’ll sew more zippered pouches — why not? I just need to find recipients. I would love to sew some clothing for the kids, but that requires more undivided attention and time than I can devote right now.


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