She Sews: Two Pouches for a Pair of Friends

My sister loves these little zippered pouches I make, and a good friend of her’s has commented on them several times as well. So, I made them each a pouch for Christmas. I really, really love making these little things!

December 18
December 19

I only spent about 3 hours on both of these. I save time sewing more than one in a sitting because I can assembly-line them, to some degree.

Pattern Info
improvised by me

I added tabs to the ends of the zippers with the interior fabric. I used medium-weight interfacing on the outer fabrics of the friend’s pouch. I added a layer of thin cotton fabric to the very interior (between the inner and outer fabrics) of my sister’s pouch, for stability (I was out of interfacing!). Interestingly, they are similarly weighted.

Fabric Info
quilting cottons

The interior cherries fabric is something I found in a remnant bin. The outer fabrics came together in a fat quarter bundle. I like that they are similar.



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