She Sews: Small Project Set

I have wanted a small, sock-sized project bag and DPN cosy for a long time — and I finally made a set for myself!

December 14

These little pouches are a 2-hour project. The DPN holder was about an hour of sewing.

Pattern Info
Double-Pointed Needle Keeper Tutorial by The Nome Knitter

I made the 6″ size DPN keeper. I made one mistake — the snaps are about 1/2″ closer to each edge than the tutorial specifies, but the keeper works just as well this way.

I don’t use a tutorial or pattern for these zippered pouches anymore!

Fabric Info
quilting cottons

These are all random pieces of cotton fabric I have bought from remnant bins, except for the shiny fabric on the outside of the DPN keeper. That one came in a fat quarter bundle.



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