She Knits: Spiralini Hat

I made this as a Christmas present for my sister.

Progression Info
Started – November 3
Completed – November 5
Duration – 2 days = 0.3 weeks

I did not expect this hat to knit up so quickly.

Pattern Info
Spiralini Hat by Jane Tanner

This was a very simple pattern with beautiful results. I made the size medium. I substituted 1×1 twisted rib for the ribbing in the pattern.

Yarn Info
Valley Yarns Haydenville
60% merino wool, 40% microfiber
Colorway – Grey
0.70 skeins = 154.0 yds used

This yarn is so soft. I have used Valley Yarns (WEBS,, house yarn) before, but never this line. The combination is perfect. The wool makes the yarn easy to knit due to its’ elasticity. The microfiber makes it buttery smooth and shiny. I hope it holds up well through use and laundering.



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