She Knits: Neckwarmers

I knit these as a quick Christmas gift for a young family member who struggles with some chronic bronchitis (or similar) issues.

Started – December 18
Completed – December 22
Duration – 4 days = 0.6 weeks

I spent about 6 hours knitting on each of these. I’m glad I was able to finish them in time — we left for our Christmas travels on December 23rd!

Pattern Info
Ribby Neckwarmer by Tiennie

This is a very simple pattern. Each of these neckwarmers began with 108 stitches cast on. I made clean transitions for the stripes by knitting the first round of each new color, then going back to the ribbing pattern.

Yarn Info
Valley Yarns Haydenville
60% superwash merino wool, 40% microfiber
Colorway: Purple
0.64 skeins = 140.8 yds used
Colorway: Gray
0.30 skeins = 66.0 yds used

This is the yarn left over from the two hats and mitts I knit. I was able to use all the leftover yarn for these neckwarmers. It is amazingly soft AND machine washable!



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