She Plans: My Bullet Journal

This is the third post in a series about the Bullet Journal system of planning and organizing life. My first post covers how I planned before BuJo; the second lists reasons I like the BuJo system.

You can read about the basic, original Bullet Journal system here. The adaptations I give below might not make sense if you don’t know the basic system. 😉

[Please excuse the personal items I have blocked out in the pictures below. Oh, and I have been using this system for 3 months, but started this physical notebook in September — just to clarify.]

The foundation of the system is bullet lists. The bullet style is modified to distinguish between tasks, events, notes, and more. These are the bullets I use:


bullet key


I use the word “migrated” (as in the original system), but replaced “scheduled” with “forwarded” — it just makes more sense to me. I also use two different arrows for forwarding tasks. A single arrow for tasks moving to the future, but in the same month. A double arrow for tasks moving to a new month. The only “signifiers” I use are exclamation points and asterisks.

The system is organized by page numbers and topics that are indexed at the front of the notebook. I write page numbers in the upper corner of the page, then the topic in all capital letters beside that.

2016-10-28_BuJo (7) (768x1024).jpg


Every page is numbered and given a topic, then the topic and page number is logged in the index. It is a table of contents built as you go. I use highlighters to color-code some topics, which I will cover in the next post in this series.

There are basic modules: index and future, monthly, and daily logs.

The future log consists of monthly blocks were long-term events and tasks can be written. In this notebook, I only included the months through the end of this year in the future log.

2016-10-28_BuJo (9) (1024x768).jpg

future log

The monthly log is set up at the beginning of each new month on the next available spread. Here is what my monthly logs look like:

2016-10-28_BuJo (19) (1024x768).jpg

monthly log

I write the day of the week to the left of the date and draw in line dividers to visually separate the weeks. After all of the dated lines, I use the rest of the right-hand page for tasks and notes. Monthly overview pages are given the month name as the topic.

Each daily log is entered at the next available space. In this notebook, I can fit 3-4 short daily logs on each page.

2016-10-28_BuJo (17) (1024x768).jpg

daily logs

The topic I use for daily logs is the shortened date, given as a range (the page in the photo above has the topic “Oct. 11-13”).

“Migration” is the final concept of the Bullet Journal system. It will make more sense explained through example. In my next post in this series, I will cover how I use my BuJo on a day-to-day basis.



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