She Stitches: JB’s Birthday Blocks

A certain little boy turns one year old this week and had his party over the weekend. I have no idea what inspired me to make blocks for him, but this is the result.

Progression Info
Started – September 8
Completed – October 4
Duration – 26 days = 3.7 weeks

I worked on this in spurts. I don’t know how many actual labor hours went into them.

Pattern Info
Improvised by me

I just made these up, which is why they aren’t perfect cubes. 😉 I accidentally made the letters 2 stitches taller than they are wide, so the sides are rectangles. Ah, well; they are still cute.

Also, it took a lot of time deciding how to stitch them together so that his name could be made. And also his sister’s name. And our last name. But I managed to figure that out, too.

Yarn Info
Red Heart Super Saver Solids
100% acrylic

Slobber-able. Chew-able. Washable. Ideal for blocks for a one-year-old.



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