She Knits: JB’s Winter ’16 Hat

The boy needed a hat to complement his McDreamy sweater.

Progression Info
Started – September 5
Completed – September 11
Duration – 6 days = 0.9 weeks

This was a quick one.

Pattern Info
F679 Hat by Vanessa Ewing

I knit the 12 month size. I used my gauge from the McDreamy sweater (same yarn) to calculate how large it would come out if I used this yarn. I calculated about 1/2″ positive ease (so, about 1/2″ larger than his head measurement). It appears to fit very well, with a bit of growth room for the winter. So my calculations were spot on!

This is a great pattern; would be good for a beginning knitter. The texture looks complicated, but it is created with decreases and increases.

The cast-on method I used was JSSCO, and I substituted a 1×1 twisted rib. I am happy overall, but if I knit it again, I would knit the Icord top about an inch longer, a total of 16-20 rounds (instead of the 12 indicated in the pattern). It was difficult to knot and doesn’t look like the pattern images.

Yarn Info
Knit Picks Comfy Sport
75% cotton, 25% acrylic
Colorway – Seafoam
0.86 skeins = 117.0 yds used

I was concerned about using a cotton yarn for a hat. The ribbing is not as stretchy as it would be if I used wool (cotton has basically no elasticity), but it still fits nicely and hugs his head well, so I think it will be OK.



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