She Sews: A Wallet

I shared this on social media, but never blogged about it…

Started – June 22
Completed – June 22
Duration – 1 day

I made this during the kids’ nap time.

Pattern Info
Wallet Tutorial from Confessions of a Fabricaholic

I only changed a few steps in order to hide raw edges (shown in a couple of pictures below).

Things I would do differently if I made this again:

  • canvas for the outer fabric or heavier interfacing (I used medium weight)
  • interfacing on the pockets and zipper section of the inside
  • narrower tab
  • interfacing on the tab

I like the result and will use it, though. It is better than the ripped, broken one I was using that would open spontaneously and dump cards on the ground at Walmart, right?!

Fabric Info
quilting cottons

I used scraps of quilting cottons from my stash. Yep, I’m a Real Sewer, now — I have a “stash!”



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