She Sews: Grown-Up Bag

I can’t stop sewing bags! I may need an intervention, heh!

Seriously, though, I love sewing things like this. The construction is intuitive now, the seams are straight (-ish), the parts all fit together nicely with no “easing,” and I end up with something useful and pretty.

What more could I ask for?

Started – June 3
Completed – June 4
Duration – 1 day = 0.1 weeks

The bag was finished in about 3 hours. Then, I realized I made a little bitty mistake, so I had to take out and reinsert the straps, which took about 30 minutes.

Pattern Info
Improvised by me

I intend to write up a short, photo-less “tutorial” over on my pattern website, but haven’t done that yet (will edit and link here when it’s live).

I followed the construction of the lined drawstring bag I made for Sprout and used this tutorial from Professor Pincushion for the zippered pockets. I started with measurements from a similar tote bag I already own, adjusted them to accommodate the boxed corners, added a bit of height, length to the straps, and a snap closure.

I’m proud of myself for this one. I was able to cobble together various techniques and tutorials I’ve followed in the past and come up with something unique. I learned a few things, corrected my mistakes, and I am pleased with the result.

If I were going to make this again, I would deepen the pockets significantly (they are currently about 3″ deep; something like 6-8″ would be more useful), and I would interface them with a featherweight interfacing.

Fabric Info
cotton canvas
quilting cotton

The outer floral fabric is a cotton canvas — a bit thicker than a standard quilting cotton like the inner and pockets. I added medium weight fusible interfacing to the outer pieces and straps and featherweight fusible interfacing to the lining pieces.



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