She Quilts: Chevron Baby Quilt

A friend is due with her first baby in July. I made this quilt for them.

Started – February 15
Completed – May 20
Duration – 95 days = 13.6 weeks

OK, the actual work didn’t take this long. The top was finished and the whole thing was pin-basted on February 17th. Then it languished for a couple of months while I debated how to quilt it. I quilted it in one night. Then it sat another couple of weeks before I found a suitable binding. I could easily have gotten it done in a weekend if I had a whole plan and all the materials from the get-go.

Pattern Info
Improvised by me

I made up this design. The blocks on the front are plain rectangles that finish at 7″ by 8″. It is quilted in a large chevron pattern on the blocks, then has zig-zag stitching in the border. And it is finished with a satin blanket edging with faux-mitered corners. Next time I use this sating blanket edging, I will join the beginning and end of the binding together as with normal binding because the join, here, doesn’t look very good.

I added a name plate on the back corner, which I really love. I embroidered the baby’s name and my first initial and last name, and the year. I like this better than stitching right onto the quilt, like I did for the Walnut Hill Quilt. I just slipped it in when I sewed the edging, then came back and tacked down the top folded edge.

Fabric Info
various cottons

The top is all quilting cottons, the back is a flannel cotton (so soft!). The edging is satin.



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