She Sews: Diaper Clutch

Since switching to a backpack for a diaper bag, I have kept diapers in a 1-gallon zip-top plastic bag. It worked decently but had some flaws.

  1. Not many diapers fit in the bag. Having too many in vertically made it difficult to close. And only a handful fit horizontally.
  2. The plastic was slippery. When I pulled out a diaper, the whole stack slipped out along with it.
  3. The top could not be closed with one hand.

So, I designed something to replace it, and I’m very happy with the result. 😊


Started – May 27

Completed – May 27

Duration – 1 day

In total, I spent about 2 hours from sketching to completion. Not bad at all!

Pattern Info

Improvised by me

I designed this. I may write up a tutorial for my pattern site, but have not started it yet.

This design solved the problems I had with the plastic bag. It is sized well for a large stack of diapers (finished about 9″ by 13″); the zipper holds even if the bag is bulging. The fabric is not slippery, so I can easily pull out a single diaper. The zipper placement is dual-purposed: it can be opened fully to insert a large stack of diapers and just the top can be opened when removing a single diaper during a change.

It is fully lined, and all seams are hidden.

Fabric Info

unknown materials

I bought the fabric at a yard sale very cheaply some years ago. I think it is polyester or a polyester blend. The bought the “vintage” metal zipper at a marketplace booth for maybe a nickel.


closed, holding 3 baby diapers & 3 pull-ups

top opened to easily pull out one diaper

opened fully, can easily load a whole stack at once

closed flat


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