She Stitches: Wherever You Go Embroidery

This is a piece I plan to hang in the toy room.

Started — February 6
Completed — February 14
Duration — 8 days = 1.1 weeks

Pattern Info

I drew this design myself, except for the path. I’m not great with perspective, so Nate drew that in for me. 🙂

I wanted to use several embroidery stitches in this piece. I used a different band stitch in each of the bolded letters. In total, I used 18 different stitches! I’d say I was successful. (I love this resource for embroidery stitches.)

The fence is done in stem stitch with the wood grain in back stitch and some daisy stitches. The purple flowers are made with French knots and feather stitch stems. The pink flowers have fern stitch stems and daisy stitch petals. The sunflowers have split stitch stems, daisy stitch petals, and colonial knots for centers. The grass, bird and house, and path edge are all done in back stitch. The hill is done in stem stitch.

The lettering is all back stitch. The bolded portions are as follows:

  • “T” – Vandyke stitch
  • “R” – knotted feather stitch
  • “N” – chevron stitch
  • “G” – Cretan stitch
  • “L” – knotted diamond stitch
  • 2nd “R” – knotted pearl stitch
  • “D” – double herringbone stitch
  • 2nd “G” – wheateater stitch
  • 2nd “D” – ladder stitch
  • last “G” – double chain stitch

The most intuitive to stitch was the wheateater stitch. It has a nice flow to it. The ladder stitch was finicky to work, but I love the look of it. It is hard to choose a favorite between the ladder stitch and the double herringbone.

The piece finishes about 8″ x 10″. Now I need to find mat board and a nice frame.

Fabric Info
Linen fabric with DMC cotton thread



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