Homemaking: Meal Planning

Meal preparation is the second realm of the homemaker’s job. There are basically two ways to accomplish meals in a household.

The first involves buying food without careful consideration, then standing in front of a conglomeration of food stuffs not knowing at all what supper will look like that evening. Usually, this method leads to forgotten ingredients that expire or rot; a pantry filled with many ingredients, but few complete meals; expensive and usually nutritionally-inferior meals bought out of the house very often; a frazzled homemaker who finds meal time stressful and depressing and difficult.

The second way requires planning and thought. Effort. Meal planning allows the homemaker to

  • ensure purchased ingredients are used in a timely manner;
  • save money on fewer meals eaten out of the house due to frustration or desperation;
  • reduce the angst surrounding meal time;
  • be prepared for busy days out of the house;
  • stay within a grocery budget.

Of course, there are many methods of making meals happen at home. My way is surely not the best for everyone, but it works for me, and is worth a try if you have failed at this in the past.


This series will feature the following posts (I will – try – to add links, here, as these articles are posted):

  • What is available? (pantry maintenance)
    • why and how to maintain the pantry and freezer
  • What will the family eat? (menus)
    • how to plan a healthy, varied diet
  • What is the budget?
    • save money on groceries
    • inexpensive recipes and meal ideas
  • What does this look like? (a case study)

I can’t guarantee a timeline for this series… there are two little ones in this house that need my attention these days. I have a few of them prepared already, though, which will give me some time to wrap up the few that I lack. 🙂


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