She Sews: Gift for Sister

When the zippered pouch bug hits,  it’s hard to make just one. So I whipped up another; this one being a gift for my sister.

Started — December 21
Completed — December 21
Duration — 1 day = 0.1 weeks

Pattern Info

I’m still using the same basic zippered pouch pattern. This one finished at about 7.5″ square. I added a decorative loop to it. It is ribbon from the baby tag quilt I made recently.

I did try something new that I think I will do from now on. When top-stitching the zipper, I used a different color in the bobbin. White in the bobbin to match the lining and turquoise on top to coordinate with the outer fabric. I think the pouch looks nicer having the thread inside match the lining. (First photo shows what I mean.)

Fabric Info

This fabric was part of the fat quarter bundle I bought for making the last zippered pouch.


thread inside matches the lining fabric

7.5″ square, having started with fabric 8.5″ square



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