She Quilts: Baby Tag Quilt

I joined in a baby board book swap with a group of ladies online who had babies around October. I purchased a cute board book full of pictures and words — a style of book that Sprout has enjoyed — as opposed to a story book.

I wanted to include more in the package (one book was the minimum), so I made the little boy a tag quilt.

Have you ever noticed that the tag tends to be a baby’s favorite part of the toy? Many babies like to suck on the smooth ribbon. Well, a tag quilt (or blanket) is a toy that is made for the tags!

The general idea is to make a small blanket (16″ square seems typical) with various ribbons sticking out of the edges. It looks a little silly to adults, but is loads of fun for baby. 🙂

This one is filled with cotton batting, and I quilted a star on it. I used 6 different ribbons for the tags.

Started — December 15
Completed — December 16
Duration — 2 days = 0.3 weeks

Pattern Info
Improvised by me

I read through a few tutorials online for making these things… but it’s really quite simple. And I didn’t follow any of them exactly because I added batting to make it thicker. 🙂

Fabric Info
4 fat quarter prints
100% cotton


finishes at about 16″ square plus the tags, which are 1.5″ or so


quilting in contrasting thread



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