She Knits: Paper Moon Socks

The 7th pair of socks for myself. 🙂 I am learning that I prefer neutral and muted colors.

Started — July 18
Completed — August 6
Duration — 19 days = 2.7 weeks

I actually knit the first foot of this pair three times. Long story short: I wanted to achieve a better fit after being so disappointed with my last pair. The second sock worked up much faster because I had learned the modifications needed for a proper fit.

Pattern Info
Paper Moon Socks by AnneLena Mattison
Knitty, Deep Fall 2011

I have had my eye on this pattern for over a year, but was unsure what color to use. The title spoke to me, though, and I settled on this mottled grey, reminiscent of both paper and the moon. 🙂

I found a few parts of the pattern unclear, which is very uncharacteristic of Knitty patterns. In two places (the heel flap and the start of the leg), the knitter is instructed to “continue in established pattern.” This wording has never been unclear to me, but it was in this pattern because the designer had not sufficiently established the pattern yet. I had to refer to the photos for clarity.

As I knit, I thought a chart with the leg design would have been helpful… certainly more helpful than a chart for the gusset shaping, which was easily achieved without the chart.

I made a few alterations to the Medium size.

  1. I added only 12 gusset stitches, instead of the 16 written into the pattern. I initially worked the pattern as written, but found the heel much too deep.
  2. I worked the heel flap in 2×1 ribbing. Stockinette heel flaps always sag and look lumpy on me, whereas a patterned flap (ribbing, slip-stitch heels, etc.) hugs the back of my foot for a better, closer fit.
  3. I only worked 5 repeats for the leg before beginning the cuff. My socks have all had longer legs that come up at least to my calf muscle, but I’ve found it a challenge to get a nice fit there. So, I made these shorter and actually really like them. I think all of my socks will be this height from now on.

Yarn Info
Knit Picks Palette
100% wool
Finnley Heather colorway
1.18 skeins = 272.6 yards used

This colorway is perfect for this heavily patterned design.



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