Homemaking: Cleaning Zones 5-6

(Miss something? Here’s zones 1 & 2, and 3 & 4! Plus an introduction to zone cleaning, daily chores, and weekly chores.)

Zone 5: Office, Foyer, & Utility Room


  • clean light fixtures & ceiling fan
  • wash walls, dust baseboards
  • wipe doors, knobs, & switchplates


  • empty shelves in utility room, dust & vet items, clean shelves, organize
  • wash lint trap from dryer, allow to dry completely


  • empty coat closet, clean shelves/floor, organize
  • empty office furniture, especially books
  • dust hats & rack


  • dust computer very well, clean screen
  • empty desk drawers, clean out, organize


  • shake out floor mats
  • sweep & mop floors

Zone 6: Outdoors


  • clear cobwebs from porches & carport


  • sweep porches & carport


  • trim/prune wisteria, if needed (during some seasons, this needs to happen during the 2nd rest week, too!)
  • pull weeds, if needed


  • wipe down exterior doors
  • clean thresholds


  • clean out vehicles, if needed
the outside of a home is important, too!

the outside of a home is important, too!


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