Homemaking: Cleaning Zones 3-4

(Zones? What are zones? Where’s 1 and 2?!)

Zone 3: Living/Dining Rooms & Hallway


  • light fixtures, ceiling fans
  • doors, knobs, switch plates
  • TV screen
  • dust all surfaces & polish where necessary
  • wash throw pillows & curtains, if necessary


  • wash walls, dust baseboards


  • wash windows & sills, inside & out
  • clear & clean dining table, chairs, coffee table
  • spot-clean sofa cushions
  • remove & launder sofa cushion covers, if necessary
  • dust behind TV stand
  • clean washable baby toys


  • empty linen closet, dust, wipe shelves, organize
  • dust sewing machine table in the hallway
  • empty front desk drawers/shelves, dust/wipe, organize contents
  • empty front living room closet, wipe shelves, organize contents, can anything be moved to the attic?


  • vacuum

Zone 4: Bathrooms


  • light fixtures, exhaust fans
  • wash walls, dust baseboards


  • scrub shower & tub
  • doors, knobs, switch plates


  • empty all cabinets, clean shelves, organize contents
  • empty drawers, clean, organize contents
  • wash cabinet fronts


  • wash window, sill, screen, & blinds
  • sweep & mop floors


  • usual weekly quick clean: toilets, sinks, counters
clean & organize

clean & organize


4 thoughts on “Homemaking: Cleaning Zones 3-4

  1. Been meaning to comment for ages but haven’t had time! I find my Toodledo app on my phone really useful for things like this – especially as I like ticking things off when I’ve done them. It’s particularly useful for things that don’t happen every week – like I wash the duvet cover fortnightly and the app helps me remember which week it is, or I descale the showerhead, kettle and taps every six weeks but not all in the same week! What do you do when something can’t happen? eg N washes our windows approximately monthly, but only does them when it is sunny as otherwise they never get dry and go all streaky!

    • If the timing doesn’t work out for something, I just reschedule it for another time. That’s another benefit to the “rest weeks” — I can catch up on missed chores from the previous 3 weeks. Or I can switch weeks with the rest week altogether if there is a particularly busy week coming up.

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