She Knits: Velocity Socks

This is the 12th pair of socks I’ve ever knit. And it’s the first time I have experienced what is known in the knitting world as “second socks syndrome.” This term references the feeling of many knitters after knitting the first sock in a pair. The project feels complete, but alas! another of the same must be knit again! This phenomenon is prevalent and frustrating.

Until this pair, I never knew such distress. I have always been content to move on to the second sock, to knit the same pattern over again. Funnily enough, this pattern is different for each sock! It is one of the least mundane sock patterns I’ve knit.

The only rationale I can conclude is that I have other projects on which I’d rather work. Two being baby things for Jelly Bean — much more exciting, right? 🙂

Started — May 13
Completed — July 2

In actuality, I estimate these socks required about 15 hours of knitting time. I could easily have knit them in a week had I the desire!

Pattern Info
Angular Velocity by Rich Ensor
Knitty, Spring + Summer 2015

These socks are knit cuff to toe. This was my first experience with “top-down” socks. I was pleasantly surprised, and am considering another top-down design for my next pair of socks.

It’s difficult to pin-point how the construction appealed to me. I found the heel flap more intuitive than the few “toe-up” (toe to cuff) heels I’ve knit. I preferred having to work decreases for the gusset, instead of increases. My decrease stitches are much neater.

One plus to toe-up socks is the ability to use all of the yarn. Beginning at the toes allows you to work all of the crucial elements of a sock (heel and toe), then continue the leg until you use up all of the yarn (well, all of one ball, if you have two for the pair). With top-down socks, you would have to know how much yarn the foot requires in order to do the same.

That has always been one reason I’ve chosen toe-up patterns. Truthfully, though, I’ve only ever used up all the yarn on maybe two pairs of socks! It is not much of a bonus to me, then. 🙂

Oh, they turned out a little big. I should have made the size Medium.

Yarn Info
Knit Picks Palette
100% wool
Victorian colorway
1.4 skeins = 323.4 yards used

An old favorite. 🙂 I still like this yarn. This is the 5th time I’ve used it, and I am still satisfied.



6 thoughts on “She Knits: Velocity Socks

    • Seems most sock knitters have a preference. There are, of course, pros and cons to each method. 🙂 Booties and slippers can also be knit from the other direction. 🙂

  1. I love those, they’re really pretty! How funny though, I hardly ever do toe-up socks, as I find the heels hard to make fit and the cast off never seems to be stretchy enough! I’ve never had a problem with running out of yarn doing top-down, even though I tend to do quite long legs on them.

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