Homemaking: Cleaning, Weekly Chores

(If you haven’t seen my introduction or daily chores posts, you should check them out!)

Weekly chores consist of “surface cleaning” and grocery shopping. We have a small refrigerator and pantry, so shopping bi-weekly doesn’t work for us (I’ve tried!).

My schedule of weekly chores is this:

1. Monday – grocery shopping & paperwork (filing & entering receipts into my grocery tracking spreadsheet)
2. Tuesday – living areas (dry dusting surfaces & electronic screens, vacuuming)
3. Wednesday – bedrooms (dry dusting surfaces, removing/washing bedding, mirrors)
4. Thursday – kitchen (scrubbing stove drip pans, washing the dish rack, sweeping)
5. Friday – bathrooms (toilets, counters, mirrors, sweeping)

These tasks, along with my daily chores, keep the house presentable. I chose to do the shopping on Monday because we are usually scrounging the depths of the freezer and pantry for meals over the weekend. I like cleaning the bathrooms on Friday because they get heavy use during the weekends.

TIP: Store relevant cleaning supplies in each area of your home. You will spend less time fetching that bottle of whatever you forgot!

Below are some steps you can take to build a weekly chore schedule to suit your family and home.

  • Divide your home into 4 or 5 areas (4 if you don’t want to do any cleaning on shopping day!). Group rooms together that require the same tasks if you have a large home.
  • Consider your busiest days. Do you always go to the library or have a group meeting on Wednesdays?
  • Schedule the lightest cleaning for your busiest days. For me, the bedrooms require the least amount of time. (I don’t really have a “busy day” at this time in my life, but if I did, I would choose to clean our bedrooms on that day.)
  • Make a list of tasks that should be done weekly in each area. Be realistic. 🙂

Weekly Cleaning Chores! | Beloved Brown-Eyed Girl blog


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