Homemaking: Cleaning, Daily Chores

(Did you miss my introduction?)

My cleaning routines are divided into three sections: daily, weekly, and zone rotation.

The daily tasks make up the basic level of care a home requires. I made this list by asking this question: “What would I ask someone else to do if I were in bed with the flu?” There are three morning and three evening tasks on my list.

1. make beds
2. empty dishwasher & dish rack
3. start laundry

1. clean kitchen sink & counters
2. run dishwasher
3. pick up toys & tidy living spaces
4. finish laundry

Doing these simple things every day makes a huge difference in the feel of our home. Emptying the dishwasher and rack first thing in the morning allows me to put dirty dishes right into the machine throughout the day. Therefore, cleaning up after supper is quick and less overwhelming. Washing (at least) one load of laundry every day keeps my husband in clean socks and underwear. 🙂

I do my morning tasks while Sprout eats breakfast (read: is contained in her high chair). I finish up my evening chores after putting her to bed. After that, I’m (guilt) free to play a game or watch a show with Nate, or work on some of my hobbies.

Daily Cleaning Chores! | Beloved Brown-Eyed Girl blog



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