She Sews: Footed Baby Pants

Started — June 2
Completed — June 2

I made these little pants in about 4 hours. I think I could make another pair in probably half as much time.

Pattern Info
Free Footed Baby Pants Pattern by Sew Much Ado

This pattern is for pants in a newborn size. I won’t have any idea how well these fit until the little guy arrives late this summer.

The pattern was good and pretty easy to follow. The only instruction I struggled with was the first step: sewing the ankle seam. That was also the most difficult step, as there is a significant amount of easing required, at which I’m not very proficient (yet!). I also struggled slightly with the fold-over elastic — I’ve only ever sewn an elastic casing. The benefit to the casing is that you insert the elastic after sewing the fabric, so you don’t have to ease the elastic onto the fabric. On these pants, my elastic is not sewn very evenly around.

This was my first time sewing pants. The fact they were tiny newborn baby pants didn’t help too much. 🙂 This was also my first time using a print-and-tape pattern downloaded from the web.

Overall, I consider it a great pattern. I really wish it came in larger sizes as well. I liked putting Sprout in the full-length footed sleepers at night, but I would have used footed pants if I’d had them during the day. Keeping socks on any baby is hard work!

Fabric Info
salvaged old shirt fabric
100% cotton

I have a big bag of old clothing (shirts and jeans, mostly) which I enjoy using. I love not spending money on fabric for a project. 🙂 For these pants, I used an old shirt of mine. It is 100% cotton and oh-so soft, perfect for a brand, spankin’ newborn.


the key is for size reference... itty bitty pants!

the key is for size reference… itty bitty pants!


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