She Sews: Toddler T-Shirt

I used one of Sprout’s existing shirts to draft a pattern for a T-shirt.

Started — May 7
Completed — May 7

I spent about 2.5 hours on this shirt, drafting the pattern and sewing it.

Pattern Info
improvised by me

This shirt has a few fit issues. (1) The armholes are too shallow. (2) The sleeves are too tight. (3) The front neckline sags. (4) The body is too tight. However, they are all “wearable” fit issues. They are minor enough that Sprout should get at least a few weeks of wear out of this shirt. Since it was an experiment, and I used remnant fabric, I consider any use a success.

Fabric Info
cotton knit leftover from another project

This cotton knit fabric is very, very soft and only slightly stretchy.



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