She Sews: Summery Floral Romper

I am so proud of this project. It’s the first garment I’ve ever sewn, and it turned out so great!

Started — May 10
Completed — May 10

I spent about 2.5-3 hours on this project, some of that with Sprout in my lap “helping.” Now that I know how this comes together, I could probably make one in about 2 hours.

Pattern Info
Ruffle Top Romper tutorial from the Make It & Love It blog

The tutorial is written for an 18-24 month size romper and girls size 5-6 dress. Sprout wears 12-18 month clothing, so I modified the starting pieces. I took 2 inches off the width and length of the body pieces, and I took 2.5 inches off the length of the ruffle piece. I kept all other measurements the same as the pattern. I determined the piece sizes by measuring a romper that fits Sprout right now.

There is a link in the romper tutorial to another post on the same blog that details how to turn any dress into a romper (with snaps). That tutorial is fabulous! I used the Ruffle Top Romper tutorial to make a dress, with a 1″ hem at the bottom. Then, I used the dress-to-romper tutorial to turn that into a romper. I preferred the look of the ruffly legs in the dress-to-romper tutorial to the legs of the Ruffle Top Romper.

The tutorial is very good considering it is free. It is not a pattern, more a description of how the writer made the romper/dress. Therefore, it lacks sizing and some details. I did have to guess at a few steps, but it’s obvious I was able to make a romper, so the tutorial is good enough! 🙂

Unfortunately, the romper turned out too small. I think it turned out more like a 9-12 month size. Sprout has a little friend who is in that range. I’ll see if it fits her. If not, it’ll get put away, labeled as a 6 month size, for another baby. 🙂

Fabric Info
floral cotton “sampler” bought on clearance

The fabric was bought as a “sampler” on clearance at Walmart a few years ago. I bought two packs, each with 1/2 yard of fabric in it. I only needed one pack for this romper. I used some coordinating yellow cotton left in my stash from the first quilt I made.

The snaps came from my grandmother’s sewing machine cabinet. I found a lot of vintage fasteners and such when I inherited it. There were two packs of snaps that have to be hammered onto the garment. I found the instructions on the packet sufficient, and thoroughly enjoyed hammering the snaps in place. 🙂 I put three snaps on the romper, and purposely placed them close together. I was a little concerned about the legs of the romper being big enough for Sprout’s chunky thighs. I probably could have used just two snaps and gotten about the same effect.



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