Found on Pinterest: Fingerprint Flowers (Craft)

I found this little kid craft on Pinterest many moons ago. There are many similar ones floating around, but this one from the Crafty Morning blog is the one I first found.

Now that Sprout is old enough to do a craft like this (with help!), I used this technique to decorate a picture frame for my mom for Mother’s Day as a gift from her.

She really, really loved dipping her finger in the paint and then “boop”-ing it on the frame to make the dots. I was surprised how patient she was with me as I wiped her finger and readied the next color.

I found all of the supplies at my local Walmart, and they were very inexpensive. In fact, each item only cost me 99 cents! These particular paint colors were on sale, so I just bought the sale colors. The brushes and frame were regularly 99 cents, so it was a done deal. 🙂

My only disappointment is that I did not plan ahead well enough. I should have painted the words on the frame before helping Sprout “boop” the flowers onto it — then the word “Mother’s” would not have been wonky. In the end, I think that bit of wonkiness lends it a bit of charm, no?

I hope my mom is surprised to get this in the mail (along with another gift, from me) and can find a nice place to put it and see Sprout’s face all the time!

Happy Mother's Day, Grandma!

Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma!


One thought on “Found on Pinterest: Fingerprint Flowers (Craft)

  1. I love it! Knowing that Becca did “boop-ing” made it even more preciouse to me. Glad my craftiness made it to my granddaughter via my daughter. I look forward to more crafty items in the future. Thanks! Love you both very much.

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