She Sews: Interchangeable Cords Case

My interchangeable knitting needle set came with two lengths of cords. They came in a clear vinyl pouch with a cardboard insert. It was easy enough to keep the two sizes separate in the same little case.

Then, I bought two more lengths of cords. Each of those came in a plastic pouch with a sticky closure. These are not meant for long-term storage, and rightly so! It is a hassle to wind the cords up and get them shoved into the thin plastic pouch before they come unwound.

A solution was necessary. And this is it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Started — April 27
Completed — April 28

I made the whole case in one day, but initially, it didn’t have a layer of cotton batting inside, so it was flimsy. After a bit of thinking the next morning, I decided to rip out a few seams and add the batting inside. It is still flexible, but stiff enough to easily insert the cords into their appropriate slots.

Pattern Info
Improvised by me

I may write up a tutorial for making this and put it on my design website, but I don’t have progress pictures, and don’t intend to make another. So I have to decide whether words and perhaps drawn illustrations would be sufficient.

I designed this with four inner pockets. The pouch, though, is sized generously enough that I could add a “page” in the middle in the future, if I ever buy new lengths of cords. With an inserted “page,” I could get 8 more slots. I don’t even know if they make that many different lengths of cords. Alternatively, if the clear vinyl zippered pouch my needles came in is ever not big enough for all my needles (if I ever acquire new tips in a different material, for example), I could see adding little slots for needle tips on a “page” inserted in the middle. It would be very easy to do. I’d make it just like I made the two pockets, but would stitch more divisions. ๐Ÿ™‚

I used a Sharpie to write the cord lengths on the pockets. It would look much nicer if I had embroidered them on, but this was a quick project, and I was not in the mood for the tedious work of embroidery.

Fabric Info
cotton scraps

I used scraps and remnants for this project. I used a coordinating button from my Nana’s button stash.



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