She Quilts: Walnut Hill Quilt

This quilt is finally done! I am so excited to share it with you. 🙂

Started – February 4, 2013
Completed – April 22, 2015

If you had asked me back in February 2013 how long this quilt would take, I’d probably have said a year. But, I also wasn’t pregnant with our first child at the time. 🙂 The piecing took longer than I anticipated. I actually basted, quilted, and bound it in a matter of days.

Fabric Info
Walnut Hill Farm by Blend Fabrics, LLC
Designed by Charlotte Lyons

I adore these fabrics. They are perfectly gender-neutral for a married couple’s bedroom. The backing fabric (shown in an image below) is romantically pretty, to me, and makes the whole quilt seem a bit more elegant. And that is perfect because I’ve always thought our bedroom furniture (was my grandmother’s) has an elegant country feel to it. Perfect match. 🙂

Pattern Info
Crossed Canoes 6″ block from 365 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks
Construction and arrangement, improvised by me

The finished quilt is very, very far from what I originally planned when I bought this fabric. I intended to do the entire quilt out of the crossed canoes blocks you can see dotted throughout. It soon became evident that paper-piecing is very time-consuming. Each canoe block easily took an hour to construct.

When I had 16 of these blocks (needing something like 150), I knew I had to change my plans! I measured the fabrics I had left, determined how many 6″ blocks I could cut from each, and came up with a layout that best broke up the colors. I even incorporated some of the border fabric to ease the busy-ness of the main fabrics. I had to make 2 more canoe blocks to evenly spread them throughout the body.

The main portion is 14 x 15 blocks, each block roughly 5.5″ square. The border is about 4″ wide. The binding strips were cut from excess backing fabric, of which I barely had enough to make it around the quilt.

It is quilted very simply with diagonal lines. On one angle, the lines are 2 blocks apart. On the opposing angle, they are 4 blocks apart. The quilting is difficult to see in the pictures. I prefer less quilting than is usually done. I think it makes the quilt cozier. 🙂



5 thoughts on “She Quilts: Walnut Hill Quilt

  1. I think it looks amazing – I love the combination of more detailed sections with plainer ones – I think it shows them off more. And the colours are lovely.

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