She Knits: Wine Blossoms Shawl

I was very glad to start on this shawl after the bulkier knits I had just finished. The lace was a welcomed change of pace.

And then I got pregnant, and as the nausea set in, I could not work on this project. In fact, I couldn’t knit at all, as my body reacted as if motion-sick! Also, with this being a complicated project, I couldn’t work on it if Sprout was awake — she required too much of my attention. Lace is not something you can easily put down and pick up in order to tend a child.

So there it sat, as we inched closer and closer to the birthday of the intended recipient. We are past that birthday now, but I am giving this anyway as a surprise belated gift. πŸ™‚

Started — January 26
Completed — April 3

I think I could have finished this in a few weeks if I had an hour or two to spend on it daily.

Pattern Info
Golden Orchids by Aino Haikala

The pattern title inspired the “blossoms” portion of the name for this shawl. This pattern appealed to me as a challenge, especially in reading lace charts. And after working this pattern, I can confidently say I much,Β much prefer working lace from charts.

It certainly was a challenge, too! I had to restart the pattern four times before getting through the first set of charts. Then, had trouble with the body chart twice. I am glad I put a lifeline in at the end of each chart, which made ripping back easier.

Yarn Info
Knit Picks Gloss Lace
70% merino wool, 30% silk
Port colorway: 0.88 skeins = 387.2 yards used

The silk content of this yarn makes it shinier, softer, and lighter (in weight) than the lace-weight yarn I’ve used from Knit Picks previously (Shadow). The color is a deep maroon, hence the “wine” in my shawl name.

I really loved the pattern in the color of the original design: a brilliant yellow. But I wanted the recipient to feel comfortable wearing this shawl, and… she doesn’t wear yellow. She does wear reds and purples, though. πŸ™‚ I hope this shawl fits into her wardrobe well enough that it is used lots.



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