She Sews: Carseat Strap Covers

We’ve had a problem with Sprout’s carseat for many months. It didn’t come with covers for the straps, so the little dear always had red marks on her neck from them. I found strap covers at the store, but running $5-6, I knew I could make something with materials I already had.

After a few weeks pondering on them, I finally made something that I think will work out just fine. 🙂

Started — April 8
Completed — April 9

The planning stage was much longer, but I couldn’t really say when I began to think on it seriously.

Improvised by me

*Update: I wrote up a tutorial to go on my Patterns website!*

Fabric Info
scraps of quilting cotton

I used materials I had in my sewing room, including some leftover quilting cotton, Velcro, and polyester stuffing.


I took the pictures using an extra carseat we have that we don’t use right now. This carseat came with its own strap covers. The colors I chose for these match her regular carseat better (it is gray and light blue), though still not perfectly. (Hover over an image to see its caption; click to see a larger view.)


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