She Knits: Kori’s Hexa-ghan

I blogged about this WIP wa-a-a-ay back at the end of October. Though I hoped this would be a Christmas gift, I did not stress about that too much because this niece’s birthday is in February (and she’s turning a whole decade old!). It’s been sent to her as a birthday gift, instead. 🙂

Started – October 2, 2014
Completed – January 26

This blanket took much, much longer than I ever anticipated. Though I knew I was finishing hexagons (the skeins of yarn dwindled, there were new stitches always on my needles), the blanket didn’t seem to grow in size very quickly.

Pattern Info
Hexa-ghan by verybusymonkey

This is a good pattern, with clear instructions that yield a blanket as shown in the photographs. The technique involves no seaming — you knit each new hexagon onto the previous ones. This appealed to me in the beginning, but I quickly realized I would have preferred a blanket with seamed motifs. As the blanket grows, it becomes very cumbersome to flip it back and forth as you knit the newest hexagon in the round (outside to center). As you near the center, the flipping happens more often.

Instead of working in strips as per the design instructions, I worked in a spiral, of sorts. I did it this way because I was unsure how big I wanted it to be when I first started.

My hexa-ghan finished at about 4.5 feet, measured at the longest diagonal. It consists of 44 hexagons total (15 each white and dark blue, 14 teal). On the longest row, there are 8 hexagons.

This blanket looks very fun in bright, high-contrast colors.

Yarn Info
Caron Simply Soft
100% acrylic
white: 1.66 skeins = 523 yards used
pagoda: 1.57 skeins = 494.6 yards used
blue mint: 1.46 skeins = 459.9 yards used

This is my go-to washable, soft acrylic yarn for blankets. I know from experience it will gain a fuzzy halo in the first wash and lose some of its shine, but the softness can’t be beat.



11 thoughts on “She Knits: Kori’s Hexa-ghan

  1. I know that feeling from my sock yarn blanket! Apparently there is a technique for knitting backwards so you don’t have to flip, but I’ve never got around to learning it. I love the colours you’ve chosen, and it does look amazing!

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