Found on Pinterest: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie (Recipe)

Today, I tried yet another Pinterest recipe. And I was pleasantly surprised.

I am not a smoothie lover. I’ve always wanted to be one because smoothies are a great way to incorporate healthy foods into your diet with a mask of yummy fruit flavor. I don’t know that makes me a very poor or very good person to review this recipe…

This is a recipe from the Gimme Some Oven blog site. I have bananas left from a banana pudding I made over the weekend, and they are almost to the banana bread/cake stage. I have four left, though, and I usually use 2-3 in a bread or cake recipe. So I tried this smoothie recipe with the lonely fourth banana.

My Modifications

I substituted plain yogurt for the Greek yogurt and evaporated milk for the almond milk (also left from the pudding I made). I knew the almond milk would have add some protein and nutty flavor that I might miss, so I added just less than 1/4 cup pecans.

After blending that, I tasted it. I added a few more ice cubes, another tablespoon of yogurt, and another 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Why I Liked This Recipe

The writer wasn’t kidding about the protein punch. This recipe makes 2 servings (came out to about 20 ounces), and I’ve calculated it to have 8 grams of protein per serving. That’s a little more than an ounce of meat or fish. And this comes at a relatively low calorie cost — just 204 per serving. That’s a decent afternoon snack or a good breakfast.

Plus, it tastes good. The peanut butter and banana flavors are mild and pleasant. The yogurt balances the sweetness very well.

Downsides to This Recipe

Well, it makes 2 servings. This is great if you are serving… uh, 2 people. Otherwise, you have to either eat twice what you should or try to save the extra.

Like all smoothies, it has a slightly grainy texture. I’m pretty sure this is unavoidable and is just part of the package.

Overall Impression

This is a recipe I might make again. It uses ingredients I tend to have on-hand, minus the yogurt. (Although, I’ve been keeping it around for Sprout, so I am likely to have it available now.)

If you are a smoothie-lover (or smoothie-liker…), you might enjoy this one. 🙂


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