She Knits: Stockings for a Country Christmas

This post is long over-due. I promised one of Nate’s sisters-in-law stockings for her kids a couple of years ago. Then we moved, and I said, “next year.” Then I  got pregnant, and I said, “no, really, next year!” Then I had a baby, and I said, “really, really; this year!!” And this year it finally happened.

Some of the hesitation came from pattern browsing. I could not settle on a good one. All the ones I found were too skinny, too long, too wide, too short, too ugly, too busy, too modern, too something. It took too long to come to the realization I’d just have to design a stocking pattern for myself to ensure it would be just right.

Started – August 8
Completed – September 17

The actual knitting too much less time than I’ve given, but I added an applique design to each one, which took some time.

Pattern Info
I designed this pattern. I took notes while working the first stocking, then wrote the pattern and worked from it for the next three stockings. After finishing three (minus the third applique), I published my pattern, titled Country Bumpkin Christmas Stocking, on my design website and then added it to Ravelry.

I made this stocking large and sturdy. The top band has each child’s name on the front and their birth year on the back. The band is folded over to enclose the strands from the color-work. The stocking has a southern American country style to match the mother’s taste in decor. The coloring lends to that style as well, with deep, rich colors as opposed to the bright greens and reds typically seen this time of year.

I used plain craft felt for the applique designs. They are all silhouettes of things the children like: a deer for the oldest son, a cowgirl for the daughter, a dog for the next boy, and a tractor (just like his daddy’s) for the youngest. I attached the applique with colored embroidery thread in a blanket stitch.

To finish them off, I stitched a plain square of muslin to the inside to cover the embroidery threads to prevent snagging of little fingers or Christmas goodies.

Yarn Info
Red Heart Super Saver
100% acrylic
0.68 skeins = 247.5 yards used

Medium Thyme
0.42 skeins = 152.9 yards used

0.42 skeins = 152.9 yards used

This is a durable yarn that should last many years. It is acrylic and can be machine washed, but I recommended hand-washing to the mother due to the felt applique designs.



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