She Sews: Zippered Needle Pouch

I am giving a gift of a small knitting arsenal this Christmas, so I made this pouch to give the little girl so she can keep her supplies tidy.

The knitting “kit” contains: My First Knitting Book by Claire Montgomerie and Fiona Goble (Amazon link, but I found this at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics), a skein of sport weight yarn in a pretty heathered pink colorway, three sizes of 10″ Boye aluminum knitting needles, 2 yarn darning needles, a row counter, and a set of point protectors. The yarn and needles I chose are suitable for a handful of the projects in the knitting book, so she should be able to start a project right away.

I toyed with the idea of a needle roll like this one, but there is no place in it for the small supplies I included for her. I considered altering one to include a small zippered section, but something so complex is above my pay-grade. 😉

Started – December 10
Completed – December 10

Pattern Info
I used this tutorial from Sew Delicious.

I settled on a simple lined pouch big enough to fit the knitting needles with a zippered closure to contain those small pieces. I used this tutorial from Sew Delicious, and my pouch finished at about 9.5 by 6 inches. This is about a half-inch shorter than I intended, but the knitting needles still fit in the pouch diagonally.

Fabric Info
I purchased these fabrics a few years ago in the remnants bin at Jo-Ann’s. I love them together, but with only a quarter-yard of each, they sat in my stash waiting for the perfect small project. And this was it! I hesitated to use the black (only!) zipper I had on-hand, but once all made up, the black complements the yellow nicely.

Even though I’ve made a zippered pouch before, I learned a lot making this one. It’s actually very fun to see it all come together. I have a zipper I harvested from an old pair of slacks (with the legs cut off), and am looking for a use for another little pouch, just so I can make one!


5 thoughts on “She Sews: Zippered Needle Pouch

    • I was able to get her started on a project before our time was up, and she was already starting to get a bit faster with each stitch. Smart girl with an eye for these kinds of things. 🙂 And happy aunt who adores the time spent with her.

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