She Sews: Lined Zippered Pouch for Me

This is the third pouch of this kind I’ve made, and I am happy with it. I did not have to refer to any tutorials this go ’round and only had to re-do two seams. πŸ˜‰ Progress.

These little pouches are addictive. I made this one to go in the diaper bag along with the first zippered pouch I ever made. These pouches are great to keep my items (lotions, lip balm, etc.) separate from the baby’s things, and they allow me to easily remove my things from her bag when we are traveling. I use her large diaper bag as her luggage when we travel.

Started – December 23
Completed – December 23

This took maybe an hour to make.

Pattern Info
Loosely based on a handful of tutorials for lined zippered pouches floating around the Web. I incorporated a little decorative panel on the front side. This one finished about 6 inches square.

Fabric Info
100% cotton fabrics

I used scraps of cotton for this pouch. The plain green is some quilting cotton I bought in the remnants bin at a fabric store many months ago. The decorative panel is from the Walnut Hill Quilt that is in progress. And the inside is a plain yellow from a wedding gift quilt. I found this reclaimed zipper in a drawer of my Nana’s old sewing table.



6 thoughts on “She Sews: Lined Zippered Pouch for Me

    • I am not certain it was my Nana’s zipper — some of her tools have “Deborah” written on them, which is my dad’s sister (now passed, sadly). And I also know that my Grandpa did some sewing of his own (he learned while in the military). This zipper had been re-claimed (still had some strands of thread in it). I still was happy to find it, and happy to use it, and I think of all three of those people when I get into it for some lip balm or lotion. πŸ™‚ ❀

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