She Knits: Baby Socks

I’ve had trouble with commercial baby socks. Apparently, Sprout has huge ankles because almost all of them are too tight around her ankle. The only two pair she has that do fit are crew-top styles with ribbing at the top that fold over.

Sprout is a baby that tends to have cold feet (maybe she is perpetually nervous?), so I had to find a remedy. Of course, buying more crew-top socks would be the simplest answer, but as I had a bunch of sock yarn left from other projects, I decided to see what I could knit up.

And my! baby socks are so quick to knit! I knit two pair this weekend, each pair requiring roughly 2-3 hours. Very fast, very satisfying. 🙂

Started – November 15
Completed – November 16

Pattern Info
Basically Perfect Baby Socks by Diana Burch

The pattern title is fitting because these really are perfect. They fit Sprout’s short, stubby feet and round ankles perfectly. She has yet to wear them for an extended period of time, but I can already tell these will likely stay on her feet (if she doesn’t pull them off, that is) as she scoots around the living room.

Yarn Info
Knit Picks Palette
100% wool
0.24 skeins = 55.4 yards used

Knit Picks Palette
100% wool
0.08 skeins = 18.5 yards used

Knit Picks Stroll Multi
75% superwash wool, 25% nylon
0.20 skeins = 46.2 yards used

The brown (almond) color was leftover from my Branches Socks. This brown pair fits her perfectly now, at 7.5 months, without much room to grow. I used every last inch of my leftover greens (alfalfa from my Spring Green Socks and lucky from Cassie’s second pair of socks) to knit the second pair of socks, which are about 1/4″ longer in the foot (and 1/4″ shorter in the cuff). I’m hoping the green ones will fit until maybe 9 months?

One down-side to hand-knit baby socks is that they do not fit as large a range of sizes. Commercial socks machine-knit from cotton and elastic are made to fit a very wide range of foot sizes (usually 6-12 months). But that’s OK by me. These two pair will hopefully fit her through the end of the year, and I have some darker brown leftover from Nate’s Socks to make bigger socks if she needs them before winter is over.



3 thoughts on “She Knits: Baby Socks

  1. So cute! The trouble with commercial everything is they’re made to fit an average! Have a similar problem with N’s shirts, as apparently men’s arms are much longer these days, so I struggled to find shirts with the right length sleeves.

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