Found on Pinterest: Broccoli Cheese Soup (recipe)

In case you’ve been living under a rock, maybe you aren’t familiar with Pinterest. It’s a website/app combo that is, essentially, a virtual peg board with social aspects. It works similar to bookmarking in a web browser with the added benefit of easily being able to share those websites with others.

I use Pinterest a lot and have found some really great things through it, like crafts, knitting/crochet patterns, sewing tips, household decor ideas, and recipes. I’ve tried a few recipes found through Pinterest, and it’s become my favorite place to look for new recipes to try. In fact, I’ve been working new Pinterest recipes into our menu on a regular basis in order to expand my repertoire, diet, and cooking skills.

And, since I’ve not been doing as much crafting lately, I thought I’d share my experiences with you all here. 🙂

creamy cheesy goodness

creamy, cheesy goodness

The first recipe I’m sharing is one for Broccoli Cheese Soup from “Yammie’s Noshery.” If I’m going to ingest vegetables I’d prefer them to be floating in a sea of creamy, cheesy goodness. 🙂 This is, by far, my favorite broccoli cheese soup recipe out of the handful I’ve tried over the years. Paired with a big salad and crusty bread, this makes a great vegetarian meal and has been added to our regular rotation. I’ve been cooking more meatless meals to save money on our grocery budget, and this is a great option.


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