WIP Wednesday: Hexa-ghan

There are two projects I am actively working on right now. The first is an afghan I started in early October for my niece, Kori.



The pattern is aptly named “Hexa-ghan,” as it consists of hexagons knitted together. I am using a very soft acrylic yarn for this. I already had white, so I found a bright teal and darker blue-green to accompany it.

three joins

three joins

One beautiful aspect of this design is that the hexagons are knitted onto each other instead of knit separately and joined together at the end. This allows for easy customization. I’m knitting this blanket from the center out and intend to keep working until I use up all the yarn!

So far, I’ve knit 12 hexagons. In the photo below, the left-most white piece is my center, and I’m working around that. Once I finish this round of hexagons, I’m going to start working to create a more rectangular shape.

2014-10-28_Knit-WIP_kori-hexaghan (7) - Copy (1024x768)

12 down, how many to go?

I’m hoping to remedy the curling edge with a crochet edging or something once I’ve got the size I want. I haven’t made any solid decisions on that yet, though.

The other project that is still not complete is the set of stockings I’ve knit. All of the knitting and applique work is done, but I want to stitch a square of fabric inside the stocking to hide the back of the applique work. I was not careful to run long threads through the knitting or under the applique, so they show inside, and I worry little fingers or goodies will get caught on these threads and rip them or distort the embroidery. This shouldn’t take long to do, I just have to get to it!


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Hexa-ghan

  1. I just finished this project for a blanket for my little man. Crocheting the edges does wonders! I did a foundation/set up round chain the one round of SC and it flattened the curling nicely.

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